Richardson out for the season

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Torn ACL and LCL. This sucks. :frowning:

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It just keeps getting better by the day in Als land :cry:

I already preferred Green, London.. just feel Richardson's best days were already behind him, wasn't getting open as easily and last year had the fumbles like no other.
Biggest asset was the big receiver's ability to block, make picks with his size.

Hardly what an offense on the mend needed, but this should not be an excuse.. still have enough good receivers to keep the ball moving, no excuse. Whitaker is the one we can't afford to lose for any length of time, come back quick.

P.S. Would be nice if we had a decent Canadian receiver in the mix, hell CGY's QB-turned-receiver looks miles ahead of our waste of space Deslauriers.

How on earth do you blow out your ACL and LCL in practice without contact?? That's cray-cray. :frowning:

Can you say Millington? Oh wait, Argos have him now!

I assume this means London moves inside?

Rappelons-nous que Whitaker s'est blessĂ© ainsi l'an dernier avant mĂȘme d'ĂȘtre touchĂ© par un adversaire. Comme quoi ce genre de blessure peut arriver mĂȘme sans contact.

Who will move at SB to replace Jamel? My first choice would be Arland Bruce; he's been best as a SB.Brandon London is a possibility,but I have doubts.

I see S.J. and Arland as SBs and Brandon London and Tyron Carrier as WRs.


Makes sense to me. I think they still have Chris Carter's kid on the PR or something, Duron Carter, do they not? He had a brief look with the Vikings in the offseason OTAs and the word on him was he was unpolished and is probably more of a work in progress than Carrier is.

Duron Carter et D. L. Moore sont sur l’équipe de pratique, de mĂȘme que Youssy Pierre.

De lĂ  Ă  dire que ces gars-lĂ  sont prĂȘts Ă  faire le saut, Popp et Campbell le savent plus que moi, en tout cas.

Je crois que la proposition de Richard est plus sensée. Par contre, il ne faut pas oublier que Devine peut aussi faire ses contributions au jeu aérien, et on peut se servir davantage de Lavoie.

Donc, l’ancien Lion comme demi insĂ©rĂ© avec Green, London et alternance avec Carrier, Devine et Deslauriers semble l’expectative la plus probable.

Je me demande plus ce qui va se passer au poste de demi lorsque Messam va encore se fouler un ongle.

He is on their practice roster. Als could offer him a roster spot and either get him or force the Argos to make a roster move to keep him.

Als have three WR on the practice roster:

84 Moore, D.L. WR Import 6.05 198 1989-03-15 South Carolina
88 Pierre, Youssy WR Non-Import 6.00 185 1985-08-08 Montreal
89 Carter, Duron WR Import 6.05 205 1991-03-22 Florida Atlantic

Moore and Carter both offer height, but a little less "size" than Richardson.

Next man up.

I know Bruce has typically been successful inside, but London has that big frame, which would seem to be more suitable for the SB role. That said, London has been pretty invisible this season, so maybe we’re better-served with a proven veteran playing inside.

SB is a position that can take a pounding. I would think that Bruce the third would be better able to avoid the big hit than London.

Reading all these comments and blogs around the net, who think Richardson injury is a biiiiig deal has not been watching this team the past 2 years. From a credible source, Richardson is lazy, and a distraction in the room. Loses of Flory and Woodruff are more important in my opinion. Besides bitching and complaining about not getting the ball he has brought ef all to this team the past 2 years. Only people sad about him being gone will be the people who bought his jersey. Either than that so long J-Rich!! Thanks for 09-10 Cup!

I disagree. He'll be missed. 5 catches for 70 yards in a gutsy effort last game against Edmonton. We don't win that game if he doesn't step up. He's fallen off obviously in the past year (two years, guys? In 2011 he led the league with 1700+ receiving yards!), but he's still a threat on the field and it will be that much harder for us to move the ball, particularly against Chris Jones's defense this Thursday.

Exact. Si ses résultats ont semblé tomber en 2012, c'est à cause des blessures et parce que les équipes adverses le mettaient presque systématiquement en double couverture.

En 2013, c'est encore plus vrai puisque les Ă©quipes adverses pouvaient jusqu'Ă  miantenant faire une pression Ă  3 et avoir du succĂšs. Avec 9 joueurs en couverture, Il n'est pas difficile de stopper n'importe quel receveur car il y a pratiquement 2 joueurs pour couvrir chaque cible.

Richardson a l'habitude d'entreprendre ses saisons lentement et de s'amĂ©liorer Ă  mesure que la saison avance. La perte de Richardson permettra de mettre plus de couverture sur Green, London et l'ancien Lion. Donc, en plus d'ĂȘtre privĂ©s de la menace que constitue Richardson, notre brigade de receveurs sera plus facile Ă  couvrir.

I think Richardson's knees were already hurt. Every time he got up since last year he would check it and pull his strap over it. This probably also affected his off season workouts. We'll see how he handles rehab. We'll miss him but we are lucky we have two more big guys who can play so if his replacement does ok so should the team.

I agree that his knees were probably hurt last season too. The team's saying a 9-12 month rehab so realistically, we're not even talking about him dressing for a game until this time next year...