Richardson Cut. Ochonono stays?

Ochonono gets hurt in TC and then catches one pass for 13 yards.... This gets him a contract... See you later Jamal, we need room for a injury prone hasbeen. Maybe with only 18000 tickets sold this year the Als are getting desprate

the guy is a top end receiver. Of course they found room for him

So is Richardson and he is 5 years younger. Johnson makes headlines ... son-debut/

Big name players sell, and it is a business.
perhaps they felt Richardson was not going to bounce back from his injury

Popp said the two could not agree to a plan for Richardson's return in the future. What does that mean? Did they disagree on money, medical advice, or something else?

I am not so sure about the injury prone hasbeen comment. Als were talking about Bear Woods being a starter after Shea Emry signed with the Argos. Woods is a neverwas and has seemingly been on the injury list forever, yet he is still a member of the Als. Of course, Woods probably makes minimum.

That’s probably very close. JR tore both the MCL and ACL. Realistically he will not be able to resume pracice until the fall and if he manages to comeback he likely no longer will be the most productive Slot in the CFL.

keep in mind, Chad Johnson signed for minimum salary.
Richardson can’t play until the fall and likely would get paid full salary in the meantime, which is higher than minimum.

Actually it was reported Johnson said he didn’t care about the money, and Popp signed him to a 2-year, $75,000 contract the next day (that’s per season, plus probable performance bonuses).

You know what, I may not like him conducting himself like a douche on twitter, but him signing that kind of contract tells me, he’s playing only for the love of the game (and that perhaps he wasn’t taken to the cleaners in his divorce).

On his twitter he complains that he owes the NFLPA 10K. He owes the money for the time he has been inactive and doesn't understand that he needs to keep paying it if he wants the very slim chance of his NFL career ever being resumed.
I instantly wonder why 10K would matter to someone who earned 4 or 5 thousand times that amount during his life... Like in my entire lifetime I have earned about a million and a half dollars. Would I go on twitter and complain about 3 or 4 hundred dollars?

Chad Johnson had a health issue that did not warrant playing him in TO (or maybe they just wanted to give more time to other receivers or to “save” his debut to happen in Montreal).

Richardson has had major injuries that threaten his ability to even play again, let alone perform as we remember.

But I actually just noticed who made the post, so …

Richardson wasn't cut. He turned down the Als offer while he rehabbed. Which is a bit odd considering that unless Barker gives him a contract in the next 24 hours or so. He will not get a ratification bonus. Speaks more to me about the state of the Als offense than anything else.

As Milt Stegal said, if you have a high school quarterback throwing 50% comp. no one will look good !