Richardson could go to NFL

Jamel Richardson raised the eyebrows of many fans of the Montreal Alouettes this season. And it appears he's raised the eyebrows of many NFL scouts, too.

According to the Gazette in Montreal, at least seven NFL teams have called the wide receiver's agent over the course of the season to inquire about his status.

"Jamel's performance this season hasn't gone unnoticed by any means," Richardson's agent Paul Sheehy told the Gazette, adding that his contract is set up in such a way it would take a "very, very strong play by an NFL team for us to make the move. We're listening, but it's not going to happen for an opportunity-only deal."

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Looks like Wake might not be the only one leaving...

...I would like Richardson to go to the NFL on Wednesday....

He already failed with Dallas and no one else in the NFL picked him up. Maybe someone will take him, maybe they won't. But it makes sense for the agent to push him again. Bigger payday. But after no one touching him in 2007, I wouldn't put alot of money on him making it down south.

The choice is his.

Move back home and try to make a splash but chances are he will be a small fish in a very big pond. Or stay where he is and make plays being a big fish in a small pond and get paid a salary most of us would kill for.

Now that I think about it, it actually is a tough choice.

He definitely has the size the NFL desires in a receiver, I am just not sure he has the speed some teams require from a guy on the outside.

Either way, good luck on Sunday!

Kerry Watkins has shown an interest in the NFL also. Of the two I think Richardson has the talent for the NFL. Jim Popp will have to look around again foa a long receiver.