Richard Nurse's son

I don't know how many of you remember former Tiger-Cat wide receiver Richard Nurse. Well his son is a defenceman with the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds and is currently on Team Canada playing at the World Jr. Championships.

Remember him quite well,the whole family is athletic,his brother in law is Donovan McNabb,and his daughter is also a very fine basketball player,not to mention his son and hockey. Nurse had a nice 6 yr career(90-95)as a Cat and also is a past winner of the Charlotte Simmons Award.

My knowledge of the CFL Draft isn’t as great as it probably should be, but something tells me there is a typo on the back on that card. He was the 23rd overall pick, but was picked in the 33rd round? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I have followed the histrionics surrounding the Nurse family since the days of Richard playing with the Ticats.

This family boasts some great athletes. They do Hamilton proud!

Good eye there Blogskee, I caught that error as well. A definite typo for sure,one too many threes,should read 23rd overall in the 3rd round. :slight_smile: not 33rd. 33 rounds is around 5 years worth of drafts combined for the entire league.

Lets not forget about Rich's Wife (Darnels Mom) she was a pretty good Basketball player in the Transway system.
The Gene pool is pretty deep in that family

When it comes to athletics and sports,the Nurse clan is quite extraordinary to say the least. Here is a link to an article that I found that is a very interesting read as to just how deep and diversified the entire family is when it comes to the world of sports....Enjoy !!!! :smiley: :rockin:

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Here's a short TSN feature on Darnell and his hockey playing grandfather....

23rd Non Import Pick (In The Canadian College Draft)

With Only 9 Teams its only 297 players a ton don't ever take a CFL rep, and its not a typo 23rd over all out of the NON imports im sure a ton of Americans were picked up 1st

I hope you are kidding.... Americans are not drafted but but on secret neg lists by each CFL team... I had the whole set of Jogo cards that season.. There was dozens of errors in total... Maybe even over 100.. Jogo cards were done literally on a few thousand dollars. Of course 32 hears of loyalty ( and a vastly improved product) meant nothing.. Jogo got the boot in favour of an American company last year... Add them to the list why Canada is the most foreign owned country in the developed world

Darnell Nurse was named player of the game in the gold medal final, was chosen one of the team's three best players in the tournament, was never on the ice for an even strength goal against during the entire tournament, earned a plus 8 rating, and, not surprisingly was paired with Theodore to often match up against the opponent's best lines. Best of all, helped to gain the first gold medal for Canada in 5 years.

Let's remember, all these accomplishments came playing against the best junior players in the world.

Job very well done, Darnell.