Richard Leonard takes a new number

Rocking Collaros' #4

Is this controversial?
I say no it is not
After the season he had last year he can do whatever he wants! 8)

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Does this count as a number reveal?

Grover, why is this being announced now? I think Richard claimed this number weeks ago--it appeared on the current roster as such. I also noticed some other number shuffling: ie., Don Unamba went from #39 to #1. Mariel Cooper went from #28 to #20 (was E. Davis). Jack McEwan took #99 (was Atkinson). Jalen Saunders went from #89 to #13 (was Golson). Bryant Monitz claimed #18 (was Jr. Collins). Kevin Malcolm went from #32 to #54. I'm sure there will be more movement as others depart and numbers become available.

If Richard wanted #4 June Jones should have given it to him when he took over. ZC sure didn't need it anymore.

I don't like it...switching from David Shaw's old number to Zach's. Not a cool defensive number if you ask me. Maybe team marketing asked him so they can re-crest the 1,000 Collaros jersey's that are probably still kicking around.

  1. Ha ha Killer91, good one and probably true !!! LOL

Thanks for bringing up the name of one the best DB's and CB's the Ticats have ever had,
ex Dallas Cowboy and Tiger-Cat good old #37 David Shaw !!!

Also one of my favorite all time TiCat players !!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Who was the Cats' best DB of that era: David Shaw or Howard Fields?

Totally agree with you on Shaw being one of the best the Ticats ever had . Only one small correction though.....good old #37 was David Shaw in Hamilton not #36 8) Unless of course you're talking about the Blue Bomber version of Shaw who switched to #36 after we traded him to Winnipeg for Leo Ezerins in 1983 .

They didn't really play in the same era . Shaw was already here for 7 yrs (75-81) when Fields joined the team as a rookie in the "81" season . Shaw and Fields ended up only playing 2 seasons here together (81,82) before Shaw was shipped off to the Peg in a trade for Leo Ezerins . He played 4 more seasons for the Bombers before retiring with "86" being his last year , ending a stellar 12 yr career in the CFL . Fields went on to star for the Cats for 8 seasons (81-88 ) before finishing up in Calgary in "89" .

Ironically though there are very similiar comparisons between these two former Cats .

  • Both played for 8 seasons in Hamilton (Shaw - 75-82) (Fields - 81-88)

  • Shaw was selected as an All Eastern All-Star as a Cat 4 times here (76,80,81,82)

  • Fields was selected as an All Eastern All-Star as a Cat 5 times here (82,83,85,87,88 )

  • Shaw was selected All-Canadian as a Cat 4 times here (76,80,81,82)

  • Fields was selected All-Canadian as a Cat 2 times here (85,88 )

  • Both of them were also used as punt /kick returner specialists in their time here .

  • Shaw had 23 ints in 8 seasons in Hamilton

  • Fields had 27 ints in 8 seasons in Hamilton

There are probably more comparisons that I missed . All in all though , considering that outside of two years that they did play here together and the fact that they really weren't from the same era I would call this a virtual draw as to which one was better than the other .

Oh and just in closing I think it's high time that both of these former stars get their just considerations for a well deserved place on the Wall of Honour at THF .

I had a David Shaw #37 Jersey in public school that my brother got me at the Jock Shop! Al Mcoleman was my gym teacher.

What about Les Brown ?

Shaw was on some truly terrible Ticat teams. Fields definitely had a better supporting cast.

Well, I'm pretty upset that somebody has taken Ken Hobart's number.

Lol . I had a Howard Fields #16 Jersey that I purchased back in the early eighties . Surprisingly it still is around today and has survived all these years . My son currently has it and it's hanging on his wall at his home along with another old sweater of mine my Terry Evanshen #25 Jersey . 8)

Here ya go Steve , just for you buddy;DA little walk down memory lane with #4 Kenny H . 8)

Thanks, bobo!


Forgot about him for some reason. Maybe deserves to be mentioned along with the other two. I guess I was never thrilled that he played more years against us than with us.

And bobo, I think if two guys were teammates then they are from the same “era?. Unless it’s like a Dunigan/Calvillo situation, where one guy starts where the other leaves off. Or Garney Henley (60-75) and David Shaw (75-86) - the one year they were teammates is insignificant.

I agree with Schmenger, the best DB to ever suit up for the Ti-Cats is Less "Ball Hawk" Browne. He played 5 seasons in Hamilton, 3 in Winnipeg, 1 in Ottawa and 2 in BC.

Career Accomplishments include;

  • CFL and all-pro records for most interceptions with 87
  • Most interception return yards with 1,508
  • Ranked 3rd in the CFL for career blocked kicks with 8
  • 6 time CFL All Star; 85, 86, 90, 91, 92 & 94
  • Appeared in 4 Grey Cup games (1985, 1986, 1990 & 1994) winning the latter 3
  • Twice runner-up for the CFL's Most Outstanding Defensive Player Award
  • Inducted into the CFHOF in 2002
  • Voted by TSN (in 2006) one of the CFL's top 50 players (#23) of the league's modern era

Next number change #2?!$?

Pat thanks for mentioning Garney Henley, In my books he was the best ever.
To this day whenever I see another TiCat wearing #26 it just tears me apart. >:(

I'd call Browne probably the 2nd best DB to ever suit up for the Ti-Cats in their history only behind the great Garney Henley BUT Browne was definitely one of the best to ever suit up period over-all in CFL history . His career numbers and accomplishments you listed are totally off the charts and incredibly impressive to say the least .

I do have just one very small correction though in your bullet points of his career accomplishments .

Browne actually only appeared and played in 3 Grey Cup games in his career not 4 . Browne while he was selected as a CFL All Star in 86 unfortunately got injured in the final game of the East final against Toronto that year and missed playing in the Grey Cup . His replacement that day was Jim Rockford who was suiting up and activated off of the PR for his very first game as a Ti-Cat . Ironically Rockford recovered a blocked punt early on in the game and scored a TD on the play . It turned out to be quite a debut for Rockford considering it was his first ever game played and who he was replacing in the lineup on that day .

If we're talking about all time great Ticat DBs, to me number one without doubt is Garney Henley. More games and seasons played as a Ticat, more interceptions, more Grey Cups played and won, more all-star selections than anyone else. I'd rank him as the most outstanding player in Hamilton, period.

Less Browne was terrific also, and his accomplishments are awesome. But as noted, he played more seasons elsewhere than in Hamilton.

David Shaw was one of my favourites.

We've been lucky to have some great ones in many different periods over the years... Those mentioned in this thread, plus others like Ted Page, Al Brenner, Lance Shields, and more.

A somewhat unheralded one from years ago who I really liked was Lewis Porter. Played 8 years in the 1970s, all in Hamilton. He didn't have gaudy interception numbers, and his return yards were limited by the fact that there was no blocking on punt returns, but he was a fantastic cover man. His trademark was speed, and he had a lot of it. When everyone raved about how fast the Argo's Leon McQuay was, I saw Porter chase him and bring him down in a foot race in the open field from ten yards behind. Not many remember him now, but he'd be on my top DB list for sure.