Richard Harris

Richard Harris has had the title of Assistant Head Coach added to his current title of D-Line coach. That's interesting. I'm really glad Coach Harris is staying.

...a very deserving title for Mr. Harris...this guy is 'gold' and the Bombers would've been pretty 'blue' ( i know ...i'll get some new material' )if we would've parted ways....A genuine players coach is Richard Harris ...and a damned good one to boot.. :thup: :rockin:

...after reading todays comments on Harris remaining in the Peg and not heading to the green guys, i have even more respect for the man....He was courted by Marshall extensively and was sad to have to turn down the head- man in riderville...Harris and Marshall are as close as brothers...HOWEVER...his love for Bomber fans and the Peg won out...Lucky for us.... Browns comments on the man are most revealing...Doug says he's just a tremendous motivator and a pleasure to play for...How can we ever go wrong with Mr. Harris/asst. head-coach.................................Tuff luck riders :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm really confused. . .

For quite a while we were hearing that Harris was not interested in becoming a defensive coordinator, but would consider being a head coach because he saw himself, or was seen by others, as being more of a motivator than an Xs and Os kind of guy.

Now, Harris himself says quite the opposite on both counts:

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In addition, it is not unusual that a position coach gets the title of "assistant head coach" as opposed to one of the two coordiators ?

Doesn't really matter I suppose. The title doesn't appear to mean a whole heck of a lot.

Doug Berry was the assistant head coach in Regina, but when Miller stepped down he did not get promoted to head coach as many expected and they brought in Marshall instead.

I was surprised to read that too. The person at EP who posted about that has a pretty good record of being correct. The difference is that poster said Harris preferred the motivator part and wasn't too fond of the Xs and Os which is different than saying he isn't good at the Xs and Os although he did say that Harris didn't want to be a DC. Now it's possible Harris has said that in the past and changed his mind.

....i was a little confused as well ,with the revelation that Harris would have liked to have been considered for the dc position....I guess i'll go with Burkes analogy about happenings in this league :roll: After being chosen as the dc., after what appeared to be 2 other candidates , he said'''''there are 'moving targets' in this league'...(not the whole quote)...That kind of sums up Harris and his desire for future positions for me... :wink:

i guess this proves that that mike guy at ep... he doesnt know it all and sometimes i think believes his own hype too much.. HE WRONG again and harris made a point to mention ppl talking crap on msg boards too.

I asked him about this and he said his information had come from media interviews that Harris had done in the past. Others back him up on having read that.