Rich Stubler where are you?

Rich Stulber the Riders are calling you. They need a defensive coordinator now that Hall is gone.

We dont want him!

nor to the Ticats

Check the unemployment line. :wink:

Why? His defences in TO were great for most of this decade.

hes a goof!

I would take him...and just like Rich, Richie will find out the hard way he won't be successful as a head coach. I hope he is successful, unfortunately I just don't see it...

I'd take him.

The Reason I feel the Ticats won't go after Rich is cause he's not fan of coaching Real young players
Hamilton is full of them. Hamilton want someone who can teach the game.
If you play for Stubler your expected to be perfect
That dose happen with really young players they make errors.
they say for every young player you have it cost you 1 game

...Stubler is currently starring as Rickie's dad in Trailer Park Boys...

How about Rich Stubler for T-Cat's DC? It would be sweet revenge for him and damn that last post was funny