RICH STUBLER owns Burris-

From the days of Rich Stubler being in Toronto I remember distinctly that Burris would stand there and have no clue how to beat a STUBLER defense.

Stubler zones would competely confuse Burris, and after Edmonton won both games vs Calgary I am pretty sure STUBLER owns Burris.

Full credit to STUBLER and Edmonton with 2 new db's. Calgary is very well coached and REED and Crandell and Stubler outcoached the hell out of Huff, Dickenson and Chris jones.

Stubler is a good coordinator, especially since his style always has given Burris fits.

I expect Edmonton to win the rematch again and they can do it , if Stubler keeps employing the same principles that he used to use with Toronto. Where was RAMBO, FORZANi, Lewis? It was like Burris had never played football before.

Stubler is a great hire as if you guys meet Calgary in the playoffs I think Burris melts down again as he just cannot figure out a Stubler defense. Burrris has trouble completing passes and throws interceptions galore vs STUBLER--

Edmonton winning this game was nothing short of amazing considering the injuries to receivers, db's-- Excellent win

True GG; Fred Stamps is close to being a 100% chance to play, but that decision will come later in the week likely on Friday. Eskies played super on D and according to Reed there were things on offence they didn’t have to employ that will be at Commonwealth as Calgary will play better atleast I would think. Thus, it would be cool to sweep the Stampeders this season I must say.