Rich Stubler Fired By Lions !!

8) The BC Lions announced today that DC Rich Stubler will not return next season as DC of the Lions.
   The organization thanked him for his contributions in the past !!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

BC Lions host the Grey Cup next season.
They will be going with a new DC and OC as Chapdelaine quit earlier.
I guess Stublers "Bend don't Break" defense finally broke!

Maybe Kavis Reed and George Cortez as replacements.

Stubler to Winnipeg, maybe. He and O'Shea go way back, and O'Shea needs some experience on his staff.

A very astute observation. I agree. :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

8) It was reported last week that George Cortez has applied for job as OC of the Lions.
  He had also applied for the HC position with the Bombers, but he was beaten out by O'Shea !!!

  It would appear that George is not that happy in Regina.

It will be difficult for BC to replace Chapdelaine and Stubler, two of the best co ordinators in the business. I'm

surprised at the move to replace Stubler. I realize the Lions didn't do as well this season under his defensive

tutelage, but that isn't always the fault of the coach(es) sometimes, the talent in certain areas is simply


Any CFL club taking on either one of these two men will have made very good choices.

Tipper: He's probably cashing in on his Grey Cup success. Can't blame him. A lateral move to Vancouver would at least be more comfortable because of a covered stadium and warmer Novembers. :slight_smile:

I don't know if Benevides would want him though. He would be looking over his shoulder all the time, wondering if Cortez will be his replacement.
I have often wondered if Cortez would come back to haunt us. It has happened already and could happen again.

8) Latest rumour out of BC, as reported by Lowell Ullrich, of the Vancouver Province, is that Mark Washington will be named
   the new DC of the Lions, as soon as next week.  Washington had been the DB coach last year with BC.

   Also, that Paul LaPolice will be named OC of the Lions, if he elects to leave his present job as an analyst with TSN.

   Rich Stubler will in all likelihood go to Winnipeg as their new DC, re uniting him with his long time buddy, O'Shea.

    Interesting times in the CFL for sure.  I'm sure that most of the CFL teams will want their coaching staff set, before
     the dispersal draft !!

George had his shot at being HC with Hamilton. By some accounts, he wasnt popular here with the players or the media. I think he is destined to remain an OC.

With BC hosting GC 2014, you bet there is pressure to have the Lions in the game. Host teams have done quite well the past 3 years!

zero problem with his abilities as an OC (re: Cup win last year, record numbers for Burris year before)

terrible Head Coach, wasn't just that he wasn't popular with the players or media (don't really care about that sort of thing)
he wasn't popular with the win column either

Half agree with you Rocky, Stubler firing, I didn't understand. Chapdelaine on the other hand took far too long to happen. Lions won those two Grey Cups, "in spite" of Chapdelaine. Chapdelaine lacked imagination and was too predictable.

Glad we partially agree, Sportsmen. Personally I liked Chapdelaine as an OC and I think his

record speaks for itself.

for the record...

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He wasn't fired...he had a contract...he fulfilled his part...he was paid...BC fulfilled their part. Contract ended.

He just wasn't offered a new contract. :roll:

He won't be out of work long. :wink:

He'll be back, he has an astute mind for defences.