Rich Stubler as DC???

.....guess we better hold off on the DC announcement....apparently rumour is that the Huffer is trying to head us off at the pass....Watching his coaches going down the road, I guess he figured he better TRY and get a credible replacement...'Apparently Huf is going to throw some cash Stublers way?????... IF true I hope he fails in the attempt...Could Bob Irving be wrong on this one???Hope to hear something soon.. :roll:

Chris Jones coming back to Alberta will create some great battles over there... Huf arming himself.

Where did you hear this, papa?

.....A sask. fan on their forum who is pretty much spot on with info....Like I said ..only a rumour but the source says...quote" I hate to 'poop' on the Bombers parade but Huff in Cal. is interested in Stubler as their dc" Could be just baloney ,but like I said this particular poster is right more often than not....Don't know where he could've heard this.... :roll:

…to be more precise on where I heard the rumour…go to , Main Discussion…title of the thread is B.C. Lions report Stubler won’t Return…page 8 by Rider Stronson…We’ll see shortly IF there’s anything to it or just a riderfans ramblings…like I said before he has been mostly accurate in the past with his CFL info… :roll: :roll:

Stamps may be in the mix for Stubler, now after Lapo and cortex both said no to BC apparently they've asked for and gotten permission from BC to talk to Khari Jones. I thought this part of the process would be quick but whether its the bombers moving slowly or their targets having multiple choices in a job, it certainly is taking a while and word has been pretty tight lipped on what's going on.

.....Could O'Shea be pushing for Marcus Brady for OC??? That would really set Barkers hair on fire...As far as Stubler signing on...he probably did have his ear bent by Huffer BUT I think he may like the challenge here with regard to our D....It still has some very good talent on it and with an experienced guy like Stubler it could get back to being dominate...I don't know what all the hold up is...????Unless there's a few teams who aren't satisfied with the interviews up till now...Khari to B.C.????Wallys team is taking on a whole new look... :lol:

The Bombers interviewed Brady for their HC position so I doubt he makes a lateral move to a team that decided not to hire him for a higher position.

As for Stubler, I predicted this as soon as Osh got the job, him being let go in BC came as a surprise to no one. Stubler and Osh back together again is great news for Winnipeg In my opinion. I suspect Jarious Jackson to possibly be your OC if Khari Jones ends up in BC and not in the Peg.

Where did you hear that Brady was interviewed for the HC position? There were reports that the Bombers ask the Argos for permission to talk to O'Shea and Jones but I don't recall hearing anything about Brady being considered for the HC job.

I am not 100% sure we will have either Stubler or Khari Jones, considering Khari was interviewed twice once for HC, than flown to Winnipeg again on Friday/Saturday of last week? As well Winnipeg spoke to Stubler yet we have not yet heard an announcement on either of them. The HC was announced much quicker; it makes me feel as though they maybe wanted both of them in Winnipeg but their offers were turned down.

I of course have no actual source on that they turned them down, I just have that gut feeling. I hope I am wrong because I really liked the idea of an OSharibler mix in Winnipeg. Interestingly, BC is also going for Khari Jones when many questioned Winnipeg's Front Office for considering him for their OC.

I guess I just need to wait and see, I really thought we would have already had the announcements though.

Been reported out here on the west coast that Stubler has already agreed to join the Bombers but is still under contract to the Lions for the time being. Once the contract expires, he'll be announced officially as the new DC.

Well, can cross another BC coach with some ties to O'Shea off of the list:

Farhan Lalji ? @FarhanLaljiTSN

#BCLions expected to announce Mark Washington as new DC at 2pm. Also Jarious Jackson will not be the OC in BC or Wpg #CFL

There was talk that Stubler's hiring was just a formality with the team waiting until his contract officially expires with the BC Lions (Penton in the Wpg Sun I think it was). He didn't resign and he wasn't fired, just his contract not being renewed, so evidently they'll wait it out for it to expire before making it official. As for Khari, I don't know what the deal is there. Maybe his preference was to remain in Sask if he wasn't HC, maybe O'Shea didn't click with him, maybe he's still exploring all his options before making a decision. I would be a bit surprised the Buono would hire someone with as little coaching experience as Khari in a co-ordinator role. Seems he prefers his co-ords to be a bit more seasoned. The again, Mark Washington, who's apparently being promoted to DC, has been a DB coach for 6 seasons in BC and Khari already has 5 seasons of coaching experience so he's not exactly inexperienced.

That's good news about Washington. :slight_smile:

Thanks to MOAB at The Extra Point for this:

Source TEAM 1040 news.

BC Lions To Name Mark Washington New DC
Leos will make announcement at 2 p.m. Thursday
Karen Thomson December 12, 2013 8:30am PST

BC Lions have called a 2 p.m. news conference Thursday to announce former Defensive Backs Coach Mark Washington has been promoted to the Defensive Coordinator.

Washington has been with the team since 2007 and will replace Rich Stubler who left for Winnipeg over the weekend.

...Say Fred.... is this MOAB guy the one who said...'there's a guy (presuming it's me) on the CFL board reporting that Stubler might go to Cal. AND that he should be ignored cuz he hates the Bombers ..Not the exact quote but more or less:lol: :lol: (don't know what he's smoking)..Can't say I have a hateful bone in my body...never mind for the team I grew up with and luv... I gotta big laugh out of that one :lol: :lol:

Different guy. That was theedge also known as TKIM.

.....sorry to MOAB.....To theedge or whoever this joker is..I don't hate the Bombers...believe me...How someone could conjur up that one...welllll.. I'll I can say is :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


I believe you're of 'my generation' :wink: and I'm sometimes surprised at how you're able to maintain your optimism after all these years.

Well, you have to remember that in the song - "My Generation" the opening line is "People try to put us down", so that would fit right in.

So would "Comfortably Numb".

But by this time next year, we might be Glad All Over!