Rich Stubler as DC???

....Rumours abound that Ritch Stubler will be our next defensive co-ordinator...IF true another very important part of the puzzle falls into place....I'll wait for something more concrete to happen before getting too excited... :roll:

Not sure why BC would let him make a lateral move, unless they want to promote someone from within?

Stubler would be a great sign, Papa. Guess we really couldn’t expect Burke to coach under the guy who replaced him…Optimism all the way. I’m liking O’shea more every day.

....seems Wally didn't mind when Stubler came over as a lateral from the esks...We'll see :roll:

....Confirmed....Stubler is a definite for the Bombers DC job after resigning from the leos... media report Jim Toth/Bob Irving cjob :thup: .. Rich brings some much needed experience to the bigblue and this hire is ranked among one of the best this offseason... :thup: :thup: Keep er going Walters :thup:

He's been a good co-ordinator over the course of his career, but Stubler did a lousy job with the most talented group of defenders in the league last season. Not a surprise the Lions got rid of him so quickly; hope he does a better job with the Bombers should he resurface with them. He'll have nowhere near the talent to work with in Winnipeg, which is somewhat of a concern, but the signs are still positive for long suffering fans at the very least.

…I disagree with the take on Stublers D in B.C…certainly they have/had the talent but looking at his record there, their D was always tough and you have to have someone putting that talent to work in schemes…Using him as one of the scapegoats in the Lions loss doesn’t wash with me…Their loss was due to Lulay not being a 100 percent is my take…Richs defences have ALWAYS been stellar no matter where he was…argos, edm, b.c…I don’t see it changing much here AND if you’re worried about talent on the D side of the ball…I have a feeling that a trade, a few returnees from the nfl , and fa signings will change that in a hurry… :wink:

Well since he likes to play four linebackers. It would be important for the Bombers to find a way to keep the Henoc.

I think Stubler is past his best-before date. His defenses have gotten progressively worse over the years as CFL offenses have evolved and become more sophisticated. The ol' match D he ran in Toronto (which was the last time a Stubler defense won a Grey Cup, incidentally) doesn't really work anymore. His philosophy is predicated on defending an old-school CFL offense, allowing the underneath stuff on the assumption that it will be more difficult for the other team to put together a sustained drive than it would be for them to chuck it down the field. But today, just about every CFL offense is a possession offense. Post-2008 (i.e. post-Trestman and Hufnagel), teams have less and less trouble playing a WC style.

In 2013 the Lions were 1st or 2nd in 12 defensive categories. They were 4th in points allowed but gave up only 3 points more than the 3rd ranked Argos. In 2012 the Lions were number 1 in 18 categories.

He's just what the Winnipeg defense needs.

For sure, Stubler may be old but his defence was still very good in BC, I have no problem with this hire if/when it occurs.

He posts good regular-season stats but he hasn't been able to get it done in playoff situations in two years as the DC with the Lions. Could not stop the run against SSK (another weakness of the 3-4 front) when it counted. Like I said, the last time a Stubler defense won a Grey Cup championship was 2004...

I don't think the Grey Cup is what is most immediate on the minds of Bomber management :wink:

lol, yeah I was thinking the same thing, baby steps, first bring in some coaches to change the mind set and attitude and attract players who want to play for these guys, then worry about what comes next.

....The best thing Stubler brings is experience to a team that needs that quality right now...AND as far as Grey Cup ideas...I'll go with what our new head coach O'Shea says...When you start a season that is ALWAYS the main goal :wink: Shooting for less will get you exactly that...I like this guys attitude and adding Stubler is making me more of a believer everyday... :wink: Next up OC... :thup:

I like the idea of Stubler as DC. Will be interesting to see how he fills out his staff.

Pigseye, would it be possible for you to correct the spelling of Rich in the thread title?

.....yes...I tried to correct it but the time elapsed on my edit....I'll try to be more accurate in the future blue blood.. :wink:

I saw you spelled it correctly other places, papa, so I know you didn't mean to do it. Just imagine MadJack's reaction when he sees a post that says "there team is the best" - I'm kind of like that with names. :wink:

Or even better, "there receiving core is better then Edmontons" :lol: