Ric Flair attending ESF Nov 11!!

He’ll be in attendance with Ang Mosca, that should get the crowd going…its got me more excited!

If it was still possible to get Haystacks Calhoun out THEN I'd be excited.

Remember when he clobbered man Mountain Mike?!!!!!

Ang is going to be in attendance?


Poor guy.

lol . We need good old George "the Animal" Steele to show up to rip up a few turnbuckles and throw the stuffing at the refs . ;D

Wow, that is one giant head. I'll bet they don't make football helmets that size.

Also - is that Groucho Marx??

Playing wideout or slot?

ExPat- Yup... Groucho

Dork- Playing the entire 'O' Line

“What a minute… is that Andre Proulx, or is that Andre Proulx?”

“How can there be two Andre Proulxs?”

One of them is Andre the Giant

Who looked a bit like Mosca.

8)Good old King Kong Mosca comes to at least 3-4 games a year and sits up in the Club Level :smiley:

Again...poor guy.

Mark, only guy that ever picked up Andre the Giant and body slammed him back in the 70's, long
before Hulk Hogan did it, was good old Don Leo Jonathan, who just died 2 weeks ago at the good
old age of 87 !!! Only the old timers would remember Don Leo Jonathan !! :smiley: :smiley:

well Tipper, if you talk to Ang 3-4 times a year, you understand my comment clearly.

I don’t mean poor Ang for having to watch the TiCats…

I did. ;D

  1. Right, I get you now !!

Here is your guy Tipper (Don Heaton).


  1. That be the man, Top-Cat !! :smiley: :wink: The Mormon Giant, all 6'7'', 290 lbs of him !!

Used to watch him wrestling right in Hamilton at the beginning of his long famous career !!

I dont know how but somebody please post Flairs Ti Cat twitter bomb. Priceless.

All you have to do is unmute and it's WOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! The Nature Boy is coming to the Hammer to reunite with his former tag-team partner Big Nasty aka KING KONG aka Angelo Mosca. 8)


Never thought I'd see Ric Flair cut a promo for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Had to chuckle when he got to "50,000 people" though. :smiley: To be fair, at the 2014 East final against Montreal, at least it felt like there were 50,000 people...