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In keeping with my recent theme of stupid things, and due to the lack of many new topics, I’m going to ask you folks to name some of your least favourite football team names....past, present, CFL, NFL, XFL, USFL, college, whatever. As always, go nuts. Any sport.

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Usfl- Memphis Showboats
XFL- Guardians
College- Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

Basketball-Utah Jazz
Hockey- Golden Seals
Baseball-Expos ( tough to admit)
Soccer- don’t care

Memphis Showboats is a pretty bad one -
Oregon Ducks
Oregon State Beavers
Original XFL - Los Angeles Xtreme & Memphis Maniax
CFL - Las Vegas Posse


Nice...I think there’s gonna be some doozies coming.

Toronto Maple Leafs or if you like Make Me Laughs
Toronto Argonauts or if you like Boat Anchors
Toronto Blue Jays or if you like Blow Jays
Toronto Raptors or if you like Craptors
Toronto FC or if you like Two Letters


What took you so long?

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Another great quirky topic Paul. I disagree with Bengals as I think that is a great name and represents a fierce tiger. I am biased because I once played on a championship hockey team named Bengals. Perhaps it’s the uniforms that are motivating you? I am guessing that Tiger Cats doesn’t do it for you either.

I can’t disagree with any of your other choices, particularly the short lived 1967 expansion NHL California Golden Seals. Mostly I remember their garish yellow painted skates. The only golden seal I have ever seen is on legal papers.

Some more bad team names off the top of my head:


Utah Jazz and LA Lakers- both appropriate in New Orleans and Minneapolis respectively, but doesn’t fit new location. Mormon Jazz?

Washington Wizards- Harry Potter stuff.


Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim- This one should be obvious.

Philadelphia Phillies- Redundantly named after the city they play in. Sort of like the St. Louis Louie’s or the Toronto Rontos.


Anaheim (formerly Mighty) Ducks- Either version sucks. Named by Disney to promote a kids movie. What’s with Anaheim and their team names?

Nashville Predators- Invokes an image of someone you want small children to stay away from.


Cleveland Browns- Maybe passable back in Paul Brown’s day, but yawn. Beige or light beige?

Houston Texans- Reminds me of a lady I knew once named Dallas Houston. I asked her if Austin was her middle name. Cleveland and Cincinnati Ohions? Minneapolis Minnesotans? You can see where this is going.

Miami Dolphins- Named after a playful, friendly, harmless mammal. Ooooh I’m scared.


Can live with the current names but having two Roughriders/Rough Riders in a nine team league was as bush as it gets. Would be similar to having both Dallas and Houston Texans simultaneously.

I then checked on The Google and found the following:

Buffalo Bills- Not only do they have a bison on their helmet rather than a buffalo, but they were actually named after a cowboy and there already is a team by that name in the league. See Roughriders.

Scottsdale Community College Fighting Artichokes- Named by many as the worst ever team sports name. As someone else said, you can’t make a legume sound intimidating.

And finally the quirkiest of all:

The Rhode Island School of Design Nads-

While that name is bad enough, their basketball team is named Balls and the mascot for that team is named Scrotie. The school mascot is a penis. And I’m not making this up.



Don’t think anyone is going to top Rhode Island.

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Well Northern Colorado State might just give them a run for their money .

The name of their basketball team ? Ready for this ?

The Fightin' Whities

Yup , you heard it right .

Here's their logo ...

Here's their team slogan...


Fighting (anything).

Mighty Ducks.

I gotta say that the South Carolina Gamecocks is quite awful and in very bad taste.

Worst name ever: Redskins.


I like the names that grew organically instead of from a board room.
NFL: Jaguars (seems like they were committed to alliteration)
NHL and NBA: singular names (Wild, Jazz, etc.)
MLB: Rays. I liked Devil Rays but just “Rays” sounds like sunshine, which you won’t find in an indoor stadium.
CFL: RedBlacks. Love the colors and logo but not the name.

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I'd like to see a game between them and those "Fightin' Whities" :laughing:

The winner could then take on the "Fighting Irish" :laughing:


Macon Whoopie.

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South Dakota Mines Hardrockers

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Wow somebody knows this one! Having relatives in Macon, GA, well my mom's cousin took me to a game.

At times the crowd does the "WHOOP!" too.

It's fun small-town America action and was good for some characters in the crowd too, and I would repeat just for the strong drinks they make there once or twice more.

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Driving through Montana heading to Yellowstone Park there is a small town on I-90 west of Billings - Big Timber - Their High School Mascot is the "Sheepherders" - There are a lot of Cowboys, Bulldogs, Panthers, Wolves, Spartans, Trojans etc - but you don't see the "Sheepherders" very often as a mascot -


TCU Horned Frogs.


Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

I guess a Chanticleer is a type of rooster -


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