Rhymes With Orange: Lions extend leading receiver

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions’ leading receiver isn’t going anywhere. The BC Lions have signed American Dominique Rhymes to a one-year extension that keeps him in Orange and Black through 2024. Rhymes was eligible to become a free agent after the 2023 season.

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Evidently his lil beatch tantrum worked.
Wonder how much he hosed them for.

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Did he have any Rhymes or Reason to leave?

If you are good for a team and you want a big raise over your present contract, but the Team won't comply then the answer has just been supplied by Rhymes.
Demand a trade !
How many more in this league will act this way and dishonor their signed contract because they want more than what they agreed to?

Where is the dishonor?
Rhymes asked to be traded and the Leos can either oblige his request or refuse it.
Clearly the Lions felt he deserved a raise that was satisfactory to both parties and is an important cog on the team.
As all players, Rhymes has right to request a trade, a raise or even sit out his contract if he so wishes.

That being said, coaches and Football execs under contract are regularly on the move and with near unanimous approval from the bosses.

Sorry that is your opinion (which you may be entitled to) but it does not meet with mine. I believe he just signed an extension contract for a certain wage.

When you sign a contract you are expected to honor and deliver what the contract is for.

Likewise the team must also honor the contract and pay what was agreed to . (I’m sure there are exceptions written into the contract)

Just because Rhymes now believes other receivers are holding out for a larger wage, is too bad for him signing too early.

To demand a trade or sit out the season is nor being honorable and living to your responsibilities. (hence he has dishonored the contract)

He can hold out next year for more $$$ but the contract is an official agreement between 2 responsible and honorable parties (at least supposed to be)

Would you buy from a car dealership that had you sign a contract to purchase but when you went to Pick up the vehicle they demanded you pay

an additional amount because they feel you could afford more or others agreed to more for same style vehicle?

Or would you hire a contractor to renovate your home at an agreed price in writing then when the work was starting that contractor

Demanded more than the agreed price because other contractors were getting a higher price per hour for similar renovation?

I certainly wouldn’t and I didn’t, when the contractor demanded more that the agreed price. A contract is a legally binding document.

And enforceable by law. My contractor got what was agreed to and I got the Reno.

considering that he was the 2nd in rec yards this season and Dunbar rumored to get 200k from edm, White got 230-240ish form Hamilton G.Lewis who was 3rd got about 300k ish from Edmonton and Rhymes had more rec yards then him i can see why he would be mad

Is this the first time in professional sports that you have seen a player under contract want more money ?

i’m not happy with his maneuver because i think he was capitalizing on his year when Rourke was here. i know he still had decent stats after Rourke was hurt but i would not be surprised if last year was his ceiling. i hope he is the go to guy and steps up again now that Burnham has retired. i’m expecting Lucky to have a better year now that he’s healthy, and i think Hatcher takes another step. but Adams won’t be distributing the ball like Rourke does. the Lions really need a running back now that Butler is off to the ticats.