Jofrey Reynolds is very quickly turning in to one of the best backs in the league if not the best! this guy is a horse! he punished the riders on the ground and has put up good numbers in every game so far this year,this guy is the real deal.

He definitely looks like he's gonna be a star in this league. Love the way he runs with power.

Last year I asked...Who's reynolds. Now I know. Very Impressive!

Agree... I was Impressed, Calgary my not have the Firepower Edm has but come OCT-NOV. a running game is crucial

He put up good numbers every game this year? if it wasnt for this breakout game he would be almost dead last in yards. he has 244 yards in 4 games thats 61 yards on average a game, he ran for 150 yards against the riders, so that means in his first 3 he ran for 30 yards a game on average, so where are these good numbers every game that you speak of??? not saying he isnt an awesome back, but he sucked until this game.

Actually he has 394 yds in 4 games, with a 6.9 yds per carry avg. He's
been under-utilized bigtime so far, that will change.

See you on Labour Day!!!

Reymolds' problem is he's not in a run-oriented team. Burris tend to call his own number when he wants a running play. Hopefully for the Stamps, that'll change. Hopefully for the rest of us, that will stay the case.

I agree that Calgary needs to become more evenly balanced on offense.
As for Burris calling his own number, pretty sure Buratto sends all the
plays in.

Why mess with success, Sask couldnt stop Burris from making
the 1 -2 yd plunge.

.......I'm only going to say this once 'cause the 'I Told You So' lecture is the easiest to wield and the hardest to take........... I made valiant attempts to let you all know many months ago what a weapon we have in Reynolds.........In the off-season my sainthood campaign efforts for Reynolds was met with everything from passive skeptisism to requests to go seek pschyciatric assistance.........maybe the latter is necessary for completely other reasons, but I digress...........Reynolds is the real deal and as the buratto offense gels and adds bulk to it's already impressive frame this guy will be feared...........he is a major part of a balanced offense that is going to have opposing D's stretched from bench to bench and wondering what the hell to expect next.........

Maybe. But that's doesn't change the fact that your jerseys are ugly. As I stopped focusing on the clown-collar, my attention was brought to the numbers font, which is terrible too. The number "1" really looks like a "7".

I certainly wouldn't want to win the Grey Cup in that suit. I think you guys should just forfeit the season and collectively start working on next year's revamped jerseys. :?

.........well get to it and design us a new set of threads runway girly man......... :lol: ........your initial sketches are due here in one week's time.......kanga kucha in his tin foil hat can help you out with the flair portion of your summer line..........

Here... We call this beauty the Friar Tuck's Velvet Robe. The green highlights the "Roughriders spirit" you had to inject in your offence to get it going this year. It comes with fitting slippers. Reynolds will love'em!

… :shock: …those are ghastly!!!..nice backpack straps sew right in…

Oh man! that green jersey is rude! its a puke colour!

Yikes ... jerseys no good :S

All week long the Calgary media has been wondering when we'll use Reynolds. Well, we finally did and it really paid off. I expect to see more of him, and I suspect it will be a very good thing (sorry Martha).

Renolds just came forward and added another peice to the puzzle. Very good QB, solid RB, good receivers and a defence that keeps getting better. The West will get even tighter...wait and see.

Great thread. Reynolds is da man. I'm impressed.
I love the Stamps but agree that their new uniforms suck. Someone from Reebok must hate the stamps. Most of the new uniforms are fine except theirs. I would love to see KaKu's design on the Stamp's jersey.

reynolds is good but i think there back up jenkins is way better

It's good to see the young Joffrey Reynolds doing well. It's good for the CFL game when young guns emerge into superstars. Reynolds isn't a star yet, but he has the skill and potential to get there, and only time will tell.

who's jersey is that?? not pretty.