Reynolds top rusher for 2008

exactly G&W to bad I can not have fun with a few other rider fans. We will keep it up though right. So G&W I will be wearing my Lions jersey I received express from Deb for next week. I can expect you will be wearing yours of course with the number 1 on it for you favorite QB of all time. Hee hee.

Omarr Morgan doesnt play quarterback, you must have not heard correctly he plays cornerback. I'll be wearing my 20 Wes Cates jersey next weekend.

LOL no I am sure half of prider nation has a number 1 jersey with Burris on it.

Never did like Burris.

Funny I hear that all the time from rider nation.

Arius I do apologize I did not realize that I had called you name. I hope you can forgive me. I must of got carried away in my post.

Seriously, I was happy when he left. If he would have stayed we would have went another 10 years before winning a cup.

He is happy too.

Let the party balloons go Rambo and Reynolds leaders in their positions for 2008.

I'm glad he is happy. I met him once and he was a class act. Just couldn't stand him as a quarterback.

He loves Calgary!