Reynolds top rusher for 2008

I would like to congratulate Mr Reynolds for grabbing the rushing record. He has been the brides maid for to long it had to happen sonner or later. I would like to also say Cates had a good year maybe next year.

…Reynolds is the consumate ‘team first’ player…in all those bridesmaids years never once did he beak off to the press about the number of touches he had or should’ve had, or what the line or the QB could’ve done better for him…he is quiet, respectful of his coaches and teammates and does what is asked of him…glad to see the rushing title come his way finally after years of hard hard work, although he’d be the first to tell you it was because of the players around him…


Good work Reynolds, you deserved it after all those years of coming up a little short.

Cates sends his regards!

...I'm happy for Cates too, that he got traded to a team that could use him...if he had stayed here I'm afraid his talents would've gone largely unnoticed or underutilized...

Besides we go the big Lazeo yahooooooo!

Cates, other than the yardage still has better stats then Reynolds but hey who is counting?

You began this with some class, but you couldn’t leave it alone could you? I am sure Summers 12 rushes for 88 yards makes him a superstar…

Anyway, congrats to Reynolds who is a class act, and has been one of the two best backs in the league the last few seasons and he deserves a rushing title on his resume. Now let’s see if Rambo can get a receiving title.

Great job Reynolds...well earned congratulations. Now, could you get him to let up today (or stay home)? Please.

And fans who are going to the game today, please take note/remember:

The Stamps are holding their annual Salvation Army Coat Drive today; fans are urged to drop off new or "gently used" coats, or cash donations, with Salvation Army volunteers situated at each entrance.

You are right Deb. Bring those coats to the game for charity. I believe Huff said he will have our first stringers in. The Calgary Colts players wearing starter uniforms how is that for throwing the game.

Arius thanks for questioning my class. I can always count on you to prove me right about your class LOL.

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Your cheque's in the mail. :slight_smile:

What about Rider fan class? See below.

Just sayin', you know, for class equality :wink:

You arent making sence here mp

I think what was meant was that this thread is intended to congratulate/acknowledge Reynold's feat, not question or dissect it.

But hey, who's counting? :wink:

redwhite was the one who brought Cates into the discussion, not I.

Ignore him, he's always trying to antagonize the Rider fans because he knows someone will reply.

Let's get the thread back on track...

Congrats to Joffrey Reynolds on a well deserved rushing title, the guy is all class.

Me and red have a good little rivalry going on on here. No hurt feelings or anything, all in fun.