Reynolds Rushing Title

...our man Joffrey should be able to retain his rushing title, Reid is the only one able to realistically catch him and he'd have to have another monster game of 200 yards to just get close....with JR being a big part of the offensive package this weekend in sask I think this one is pretty much in the bag.....great job by a humble player....

I think you're right Red.

Sure tells us what Reid's "guarantee" was worth, doesn't it?

Think he would have learned his lesson, but I guess not. He pooh-poohed Montrreal's D line and LB corps before a game against them, and then got stuffed. That should have taught him, but apparently he didn't get the lesson. Some of Reynolds' humbleness is in order I should think.

He's my nominee for the West's MOP.


Reynolds should take the West MOP for sure and he will give AC good competition. The Riders never gave up any huge gains against him but he still managed over 100 yards. The only Rider strong enough to tackle him is Chick. The guy is awesome!

Reynolds and Nic Lewis came to the bar (O'Hanlens) I was at after the game on Saturday. Seemed like they were enjoying themselves. Gave my congrats to Reynolds on a great season. Told him he would look much better in Green. Seems like a very nice guy as he took my good natured ribbing good naturedly.
Twas a good day. A great day will be when the Green And White hoist the Cup on the 29th.

he would NOT look better in green LOL and thats what makes him leagues above any other back in the CFL, his humble personality you dont see him jumping in boats or wearing masks after scoring tds...just hands the ball to the ref and runs to the sidelines. and i dont think he has ever taken a penalty in his career lol. def should be the poster boy of the league.