Reynolds released

Who thinks he will be in Green

If we don't pick him up, his CFL career as a starting runningback is done, he signs anywhere else it's going to be a a backup.

Interesting situation there. How is it Reynolds goes from (arguably) the most dominant back in the league, year in and year out, to benched, then released. Just like that. I wonder if there is some behind the scenes stuff that the public isn’t privy to??

Not sure it's behind the scenes as much as it is John Cornish. Look at Cornish, you could see this comming for a couple years now. After last seasons stats the guy will demand starter money. He is 5 years younger, Canadian, and quite a bit better IMO. You can't afford to pay 2 runningbacks starter money in this league.Violla, good by Mr. Reynolds.

Good point.

Nope, he's never going to be the Joffrey of old. let him be.

Why do you say that? He is only 1 year removed from his 1000 yard rushing season, probably not an every down running back but he can be a positive ascpect to our team.

Because I have seen it time and again, Running backs don’t mature well. Usually when a runner is “one year removed” from a good season he is one year closer to retirement. Not saying there are not exceptions to this rule, but I don’t think Reynolds will be one.

I have to agree. I think he probably still has a couple good years in him, so he might be worth signing if you are not confident in what you have, but, if you have the opportunity at some youth in the RB position that is likely best. Joffrey can still get it done, but it does not help build your future.

I don't know. I see signing Reynolds as spinning your wheels. Reynolds........Cates..... whatever, going to get pretty much the same production from eighther. Coburn on the other hand is a whole different story. I would be very surprised if he isn't inked in Green by Friday.

Seeing now that Cobourne is on the market has changed my vewing of out RB situation drastically, different style of backs but Avon is younger....

He's a powerful powerful runner who has NEVER had any serious health issues. He's in as good a shape as ever. Calgary cut him to get cheaper and use an NI. If he's willing to play for average money instead of star money, he can still play a long time in this league.

I wouldn't mind having him on the roster for a reasonable salary as a backup. He can still be dominate and RBs get injured all the time. Probably the most injury prone position to play. We need a backup, proven.