Reynolds gotta be pis sed at Jones

How could Jones possibly interrupt the vacation of the C.E.O., a team that is 1 -5 and in complete turmoil, by getting caught with this pre-empted, agreed to strategy, at a time when said C.E.O. thought it was the right time for a vacation, even though everything he has done in his position has been an utter flop and he's draining the hard earned bank account at a pace quicker than Johnie Manziel on a Saturday night coke party in Vegas? The nerve of him not to ride it out a couple more weeks so the fine could have doubled, but Reynolds could have completed his "much deserved" holiday. Let me guess, when he was still the pathetic bean counter he is he probably took his vacations during Aprils' tax season.

I would like to remove one word from my original post since editing is not an option. I would remove the word pathetic and that's it. I'm sure he was a wiz at what he did or else he wouldn't be where he is now. That aside, I still think he is the wrong man for the job and in way over his head.