Reynolds found guilty of assault

…being the cheapskate I am it was only two years ago I finally broke down and bought my first named sports jersey based on my admiration for a quiet soft spoken stampeder player that just seemed to put his head down and get the job done

…I have half a jerry can of gas in the garage looks like I’ll be having a campfire in the backyard tonight

I know, it’s so very disappointing. Reynolds was one my favourites too, before all this. I loved how he went about his business on the field. But no amount of on-field success can justify domestic violence off the field… :thdn:

Wow, from CFL allstar, GC winner, respected player to homeless, broke and convicted of domestic violence. Amazing how a seemingly successful life and career can go south so fast.

Wasn't his defense "she hit me first and she's bigger than me?" (the woman is 6'5"). :?

Is there any talk of Reynolds being deported?

I guess we'll see what happens ... sentencing April 8 ... free on bail until then.

Foreclosed home, broken personal relationship ending in assault, career apparently over. Sometimes a player is a a lot better at managing their performance and discipline on the field than in the rest of their life. Sad story.

Money problems have been the ruin of many relationships.