Rey Williams

Am I the only one bitter that he is not our MLB? Everyone said that he was terrible yet offensive linemen were continuously blocking him and our D-Line has been atrocious since Hickman and Mcintyre left. Now Instead of Jamaal on the outside we have some plug.

I could be just mad cause I bought his jersey

In Hamilton, Williams was surrounded by zero talent. In Saskatchewan, he is surrounded by all-stars. That is the main difference. He looks great with the Riders, but so would any decent MLB with a monster D-Line in front of him and a fantastic secondary behind him. He has died and gone to heaven, playing now for the green team.

just a suggestion,Jordan,with the high turnover rate of players,may I suggest either your own name on jersey,or one of the TI-CATS GREATS!!!!.Lots too choose from(Mosca,Henley,Barrow,Winfield,Zambiasi,Covington,Amerson,McManus etc. etc.) just to name a few. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think a great point was brought up in this thread and the same was brought up during the game on TSN.
Talent. Hamilton does not have the players yet that are talented enough to have that top defense.
The good thing is that with this new staff and a young DC they are continuously looking for that talent. It will be an ongoing process throughout the season.
They seemingly have a lot of young up and coming talent and some aging talent but need more players in their prime.
Acquiring McCoullough and Bulcke.
Colcoulough a great pick up but will be entering his 10th season of pro football he will be turning 30 but has a lot of miles playing for the steelers his rookie year back in '04 and has seen a lot of action NFL/UFL before coming to the CFL.
JJ, Markeith also great players still but also entering a lot of years and in their 30's.
Did their job in CFL free agency acquiring the two I mentioned above. some really great potential draft picks. The loss of Gaydosh hurt as he was CFL ready. The hope will be that both Plesisus and Courtney Stephan will also be ready to start CFL players in their rookie year would fill two holes.
Finding some NFL free agents in there prime will be the key right now for the defense.
A recent signing of Erik Norwood at DE could bve one of those players signing on July 2. Great resume coming out of the SEC for South Carolina. NFK draft pick and rotational guy on defense then got caught in that numbers game players his are often do in the NFL. Was a final cut in his 3rd season 2012 jump right to the UFL and then the Arena Football league the kind of import that wants to be in the CFL and play football in his prime.

Wow,didnt realize that Couclough's been around that long,I thought he had been playing only around 3-4 yrs. :oops:

i remember using him as a killer return man on one of the madden games back in the day..

Rey Williams wanted everyone to know he made tackles. Too often they were way down field. The greatest number of tackles is never a good thing. Just means you leave the other teams on the field with the ball too long. So glad he is gone!!!

I was actually going to start a thread about Rey Williams myself after seeing what's been happening after Week 3 of the season. Last year a lot of people were crapping all over him in this forum because the CATS COULDN'T STOP THE RUN. So now Williams is gone and we still have problems with the run. Every running back that we face runs through our defense like Moses parting the sea. Many of those runs are for big gains also. Meanwhile back in Saskatchewan Rey is leading the Riders in tackles and sacks. He is also enjoying being on a 3-0 team. Riders don't seem to have any defensive woes with Rey leading the pack.

Different MLB and DC yet still the same problems. Go figure.

It also could mean that the defensive line is very poor and is not getting any pressure and getting pushed around.

That "plug" as you call him is Markeith Knowlton. The same Markeith Knowlton that had two sacks today. I wasn't one of the many who blamed Williams for the poor run defense, but it's not like the team was all that better with him. Plus, the moves of JJ and Knowlton might extend their careers. Just because Williams is playing well in Saskatchewan doesn't mean he would have played well here.

JJ and Knowlton have both been all stars and Knowlton was the defensive player of the year in 2010. I wouldn't say Williams was playing with zero talent around him.

Last season, Hamilton had a constant cycle of defensive players in and out of the lineup. Along with Creehan as the DC, would make for less than stellar results for any team or player.

Likely, the way that Williams was offended by his departure from Hamilton, has him extraordinarily motivated.

Hamilton’s defense was just a mess last year. I am not sure it is fair to pin it on one player. If I remember correctly Knowlton was injured a lot last season which would not have helped much. Yes there was a talent issue around JJ and Williams. Although there were some good players they never really came together as a Unit. Problems with consistant line up in the D back field through injuries or players who were just not up to par.
Every position is important but finding top DEs and lock down CB’s always help a ton when building a defense.
Right now you can see the new staff looking to find players for these positions.
On a side note it looks as though James Patrick who has plenty of experience has lost a step at safety but he looked twice to get sucked in on a big pass play where it looked like he was late on help over the top which is the safeties job I beleive that pass was to Etienne. Then he got sucked in and Chad Simpson just ran right by him. As the safety is the last line of defense they need to upgrade at the safety position the question would be who.
I think that rookie Courtney Stephen should or could become that guy. He has just got onto the 42 and may have been banged up a bit but knows the Canadian Game and d backfield coverages transfering to WLU where he played a cover DB spot but tranfering to DI Northern Illinois who played at a high level for a mid major and landing in the orange Bowl. He was able to play safety while there as well as special teams so he may not be a rookie any more come the second half of the season this year.

Williams was just named the Defensive Player of the Week and currently leads the RR's with 3 sacks, 15 tackles and 1 INT in only 3 games thus far.


8) Watch Williams play like a man possessed against us on Sunday.
   That's always the way it goes.  He definitely has something to prove to Hamilton !!

Maybe James Patrick will step up in that case then.

Wms. has surgery during offseason, making him technically injured, doesnt tell anyone, yet still got to collect signing bonus . I'd love to be "offended" by the Ti-Cats that way.

I dont know if it is just me or I misread it but Patrcik seemed to have lost a stepat safety. Got sucked in and simpson ran right by him for the long TD run. Also was late to Etienne with over the top coverage and was lucky to trip him up or it would have been 6.
With Simon playing he will have his hands full trying to catch Simon or Dressler or provide help over the top with Bagg and Smith sprinting down the sidelines.
Also being the last line of defense should sheets break through could be intersting to see also

We have a better chance of Shomari actually doing something productive......

But that's not happening either.

The DE spots were wide open in camp and Shomari was signed to compete for a spot and apparently has not shown anything. He actually did not play bad at Will LB last year. He is still a very good special teams player but for being the first overall pick this may have sealed his fate as a bust of a number one overall pick

No they weren't. Peach and Boudreaux had them until further notice. Like after any signing by a GM Austin was overly optimistic Shomari could start but the realistic outcome would be him rotating in as ratio dictated and STs- precisely what he is doing now.