Rey Williams

I don't suppose it is too likely to hope that we have the salary cap room to try to bring Williams back? I really liked him in Green before and with the injury to Kromah last year, not sure we can be 100% confident he will make it through this season.

wondering about this too... would be a decent grab if we can fit him in methinks. Liked him when he was here too

It may be possible to bring in Rey Williams. Kromah still under his rookie contract is most likely minimal salary and Williams at 32 would also begin to taking less. This will depend if their is a team in the CFL that needs a starting Will LB and wants to make that a veteran such as Williams.

I sure hope not. He is overrated in my opinion. He has a huge problem of over pursuing, missing assignments and then making the tackle from behind when the guy has already gained yards. I'll take Lobo over him in a second, and even better they bring in a fresh young guy.

I think that everyone pretty much agreed the issue was that he was playing out of position at MLB. He played DE in college at the 1AA level. spent his first three seasons as an undrafted free agent in the NFL playing specials and on practice rosters. He did play three years in SASK then gave the NFL one more shot in 2010 and it was not until 2011 that in Hamilton he became the main starter at MLB for two years.
All the things you mentioned are true that is why most likely he will be plain weakside LB wherever he may end up. His last two seasons were his best so even though he is 32 it looks like he has gas in the tank.
It will be intersting to see if he possibily sits out this upcoming season unless he is a starter and wait until 2014 an look to sign with Ottawa as a free agent. Cory Boyd who also has had a great 2 1/2 years in Toronto but has no where to go to start in the CFL could possibly do the same.
Ottawa will be looking now for the possibilty of players for 2014 so there could be contact between Ottawa and these kind of CFL Vets.

I think we pass on Rey.

Lobo needs some help though. I think Lobo has played a very aggressive style for a lot of years. I don;t think he can last playing the way he likes to play. He came to us and played like a demon for 3-4 games and then he started missing some games? His body just can't hold up, my opinion.


Rey has a relationship with Cory from his Ti-cat days. So if coach wants this to happen it has legs and might happen.

He's 32............that is another factor.

I"m in agreement with what has been said so far.

Williams is better suited to WILL than MLB.

But you've got Kromah there, and I really liked what I saw of him last season prior to his injury. He's younger and (presumably) cheaper so I don't see a fit for Williams here.

But they don't pay me to make these kinds of decisions. . .

If he's willing to come cheaper, then maybe he's worth a look in case Kromah isn't fully healthy and to spell Lobo from time to time.

Chamblain used a lot of players on the roster last year on defense for different situations or in a rotation. Lobendahn was often pulle on 2nd and long in the Dime package where they began to bring in Hurl. I would look for that again. Ricky Foley was signed to be a pass rush specialist and coach has made that clear that they will be using Foley along with 2 other DEs in a rotation most likley imports. Having Canadians like Foley and a young Hurl who hae the ability or the potential to be starters in the future. Sholo and another Canadian at DT will put a full DT rotation of 3 or 4 players also and the DT spot will be a ratio position.
Williams would not fit here with Kromah both with the ability to be everydown Will LBs even with williams at 32 can still play every down

I agree with this, but salary dependent perhaps Lobendahn or someone else would be replaced by picking up Williams. The beauty of Williams is that he can play multiple positions well. It is apparent the Riders plan to do some player rotations on 2nd and long, so it is not out of the question for certain teams to skip the odd huddle and rely on an experienced QB to catch the Riders with the wrong staff...That is what I would do if I had a guy like AC anyways...we will at least see it in late end of halfs and see how the Riders respond.

When you sat DT as a ratio spot do you mean both? The DT has been a ratio spot a lot the last couple years. The Riders are not in a position to make both DT ratio spots at this time, but I would not be shocked if they draft a guy this year and next and build towards it. For now they have Sholo and Evans, both IMO capable starters, but they need to fill the same spot in case of injury. I predict that they will draft 1, but also lose 1 in expansion draft. Alfred and Mick Williams will likely continue filling the other DT spot.

Yes I was just refering to the one DT spot as a ratio spot but with the possibility with Sholo and Alford starting you may see a rotation with sholo, alford and another canadian. so there may be times its sholo and another canadian in together. Right now the only Canadian DT on the roster is Zack evans. I suspect that the hope is that charles will be there at pick number 4 and be able to step in right away and be in the rotation being as effective as Westerman was last year in BC.
I would not count on Foley as being part of the ratio at all. Coach has already said it will be a three man rotation at DE and they are bringing in more than a handful of guys. Coach said Foley will be the pass rush guy in the rotation.
4 Olineman
1 safety
and two receivers gets you the 7 for the ratio if DT does not work out. Edmonton has 5 NI DTs on the roster right now all younger side and all good enough to rotate in so there may be a way to get one of them near the end of cuts but that is a last resort move. there are a lot of Canadian DTs in the draft so i can see them drafting two

I agree...I think you would be foolish to count on Foley as a ratio guy. No way they burn a designated Import on a DE unless they NI is some off the chart star.

I am thinking there will be no SB as a ratio guy for most games. This gives them the ability to sit someone if they are dropping balls...I won't mention names.

Tough crowd. I would not give up on getz just yet in the Slot, Him along with 4 import rec is a big possibility if they can get another Canadian DT in place

We REALLY don't need or want another head case on defense, on our team in general, and Rey is a big head case. I remember him talking about how he was easily the best linebacker in the league, when he wasn't even top 15. He took stupid penalties often do to lack of discipline. I still will never understand why McCullough wasn't starting over him.

He has improved since his days with the riders on all accounts but we already have enough guys like him on the team and I believe we have better options. We are also pretty set at LB as far as I am concerned. We need D-line more than anywhere else on our team by far, so spending more money on other positions right now doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

I never remember Rey being trouble or a head case. I remember Stevie Baggs being livid and saying that he was the best DL in the CFL and was pissed that Chick got the all-star nomination ahead of him.

I thought Rey was generally a class act. Going into the community to play pickup games with youth, and the fact that when he came back to the CFL he showed up in Regina for first offerings says a lot about his character and desire to play in Regina.

I do agree McCullough is a very capable LB and has been underutilized. I thought that while Simpson was a better LB that McCullough was a better leader when in there.

I honestly do not recall any of that happening. I'd take him back if the price was right.

See now I am not sure if I am thinking of the correct person. I recall really disliking him and being 100% ok with his leaving. But maybe I am wrong about it being Williams. I could swear it was him who was talking about being the best LB in the league. I also remember Baggs being upset about Chick (even though Chick was clearly better) But there is something about Rey that I didn't like. And I could swear it was him being a hot head/ head case.. Maybe I am wrong..

I find it funny often guys who leave Sasky to play in the NFL end up coming back and playing for Hamlton. Usually make big $ but only last 2 yrs there and are then released. Baggs, Williams, Keith....

It is different, but even Corey Holmes.

You may be thinking of Mo Lolyd I do not remember anything specifically but I do believe he talked about being the best in the league and then jumped to Edmonton for more money.

Not that I have an issue with that he wanted to earn more and all the power to him he was a FA.

Since Williams cae back to the CFL in 2011 he has had 99 and 108 total tackles that last two seasons, most likely playing out of position at MLB. So there is no question he is a really good football player even still at 32. Problem is that there are only so many roster spots in the 8 team CFL.
Do not know what every team has in mind but if they have any question about a weakside LB I would think he would be given a look.
Similar situation with Rober McCune last season being over 30 time in the NFL but was not released until the end of Training Camp when the Argos grabbed him. Where would the Argos D would have looked like without him at MLB