Rey Williams to be released

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@MetisSports client, LB, Renauld Williams, has been informed he will be released by the Hamilton TiCats. #TiCats #CFL

As per Drew Edwards.
Not surprising, but I like Rey and would like to thank him for his contributions

I'm not surprised either. I don't believe that anyone thinks that in his time in Hamilton he measured up to the fellow he replaced (Otis Floyd).

The question now is who becomes the MLB ?

Personally I don't envision either Knowlton or JJ moving inside, so I guess Simoni Lawrence gets first crack at it, and maybe Bowman if he's healthy.

I don't think Lawrence is going to get a shot at it, id say its probably between Bowman, Plesius and then a few rookies they bring to camp.

Rey was a genuinely nice guy and I'm sad to see him go. I think that with the right coordinator and defensive scheme he could have been a standout player. I hope he catches on somewhere else and excels. Good luck and thanks Rey.

Played his heart out but team wasnt going to progress by standing pat .

With Bowman injured at the moment, you have to think it's Simoni's job to lose when June comes around.

Can anyone give me a quick scouting report on Simoni?

EDIT: From just reading his NFL combine scouting profile, sounds like he is a very athletic backer who is great in coverage but lacks run stopping skills?

3 years later Is this still an accurate breakdown?

If so sounds like our run defense still might be an issue. Run stopping was a HUGE issue people had with WIlliams last year on these boards.

I liked Rey's attitude, but I did not like his run stopping ability. It's time for someone different to prowl the middle and stuff the run. Most of us were calling for his head last year and the Tiger Cats were classy enough to down play his shortcomings. Rey all the best in your new endevours.

What a difference a winter can make. Less than 4 months ago Rey was voted the team's most outstanding defensive player.

And that vote was an absolute joke. those comedian voters in the Hammer. Then, their counterparts from WPG, TOR and MTL joined in to name him an Eastern All-Star.

Kind of like voting on who is the classiest Honey Boo Boo sister :?

Why would Lawrence not get a shot? The guy played MLB with Edmonton last year when Sherritt was hurt.

And fellow players and positional coaches made him a CFLPA all-star (and remember, coaches and players can't vote for players on their own team). For all the flak Williams got, he sure did seem to get plenty of love from the people who actually know what they're talking about.

I'm guessing that as a 32 year old American player, Rey became expendable.

Good luck Rey, but not against us.

I met Rey once at a player meet and greet. He was class all the way. I wish him the best for his future, I'm sure he won't be idle for long.

I suspect/expect major changes to the linebacker unit for the TiCats ... Perhaps even a complete overhaul.

Rey was the first to go. Concerns remain with the health of both JJ & Markeith. I heard through the grapevine that Jamal's back injury was more serious than initially thought. Most likely surgery. Markeith has been hampered by nagging toe, foot & ankle injuries for a couple years now. Once again, via the grapevine, I heard Markeith is seriously re-evaluating his continuing to play football.

So with those thoughts and the moves they've made in the offseason ... Be prepared for more changes in our once vaunted line backing core.

My bold prediction is we'll see Simoni Lawrence @ WILL, Marcellus Bowman @ MIKE & Ricardo Colclough @ SAM.

Goes without saying that Rey will be missed. Quality individual who played hard. I feel he got caught up in the wash/trash too much and was better in pursuit than at the point of attack. Best of luck to him. He deserves it.

They couldn't at least get something for him in a trade? He led the cats in tackles and was an eastern all-star the past 2 years.
Just glad it wasn't Jamall Johnson.

FenderGuy69 wrote: My bold prediction is we'll see Simoni Lawrence @ WILL, Marcellus Bowman @ MIKE & Ricardo Colclough @ SAM.
Your first two predictions may ultimately prove to be accurate FG, although personally I fail to see Colclough in the SAM role due to his slight build and career experience in the backfield, especially at corner.

But who knows...little surprises me anymore.

Not sure about this move, don't like it. I feel the Rey was our best tackler last year and was more a victim of Creehan then a lack of effort and play. The other question is who do you replace him with? I just don't see him being that much against the cap, but I guess there's no way to really know.

Either way, best of luck Rey, hope you get onto another team.

I like the idea of Simoni Lawrence at Will, but in my opinion JJ was still playing at a high level last year. The more competition, the better.

At Sam, my dark horse is Dominique Harris, if they decide to play him there. He might be a better fit at Safety, where he played at Temple.

As for Rey Williams, he brought it on every play, and I respect that. But it became clear that he didn't have the ability to be a top tier linebacker. Not once during his two years here did I see him meet a running back in the hole and stuff him.