Rey Williams retires

MLB needed. The stakes just went up for Robert McCune. the Riders have some talent at the back up spot but McCune as a one year all star to fill the void. They are still in high Grey Cup repeating mode and you do not want to mess around with a MLB ? Peters could fill the spot but why take a chance now and get the insurance an depth you need now.
The Riders now very well off had did a masterful job last season with the salary cap and the use of the 9 game IR as well as PR.
As teams are making more money and the cap is still going to be low teams will need a capoligist for the CFL. The Riders crunched the numbers and roster spots perfectly

Well this is another big hit on us, wished he'd played 1 more season, he did a great job for us at MLB. We have lots of star players left, but damn, we have some big holes to fill if we want to repeat!! JMO Glad he is staying with the club in a new spot for him!

I was wondering about Rey…and well I wish him well. Nice to see him stay in Regina and be a mentor type guy as well as help coach a little.

Nut now another starting spot is available. Kuale might be a fit? McCullough certainly factors in. Just signed two guys that have NFL experience. Brian Peters maybe a little undersized and he’s more like a McCullough…plus any tricks they can pull from their sleeve.

Rey was a very good MLB. Too bad his last play had him crawling to the sideline. But you quickly think about all the other great plays the guy made. Plus he stays around and can help out that MLB learn.

Good player, glad to see him retire a Rider and stick around within the organization I love that about this team! We take care of out own!

I don't think this is that big of a loss as far as actual play goes. Williams was a great leader on our defense but I really don't believe he was that great of a linebacker. He made big plays but he also lacked consistency and ability to read plays. He had tons of trouble dealing with option plays, screen passes and players in the open field and he missed a LOT of tackles.

I truly believe we can find someone better than him or at the very least equal to him. This is another spot in the CFL that doesn't seem overly hard to fill. Just going back and thinking of all the ILBs we have had and we have always have good LBs, since I have truly been paying attention at least.

We have a guy on our roster who interests me a lot. Scott McKillop who played 16 games on the 49ers behind Patrick Willis and Takeo Spikes. Willis is arguably the best ILB in the NFL and Spikes was a great veteran LB so he got to learn from them, as well as his coach at the time was Mike Singletary a HOF LB.
Dude is a big boy at 240 and I believe he has tons of potential!

McKillop is the one guy on the roster now that has the big time talent. His career got derailed a few years back,2010, by a torn ACL. Spent time in plenty of NFL training camps since 2009 when drafted and was on a roster.
If he is 100% he could be the answer.
For the riders though they look to be becoming a team that wants a lot of competition at positions and not big on could be players thats why I can see them considering McCune to fill the spot for the season as i think Williams was part of a two year plan while grooming a replacment.
They also however have a great defensive schemes using different players in different packages so could be by comittee like they did with LOBO in 2012.

Was very sad to hear this. Williams was a stud until the injury...any consistency and tackling from a trail concern were consistently put to rest.

That said, the committee that replaced him, and did a spot on job, is still there.

Agreed still tons of talent on that defense and the addition of another LB with pro experience looks to be lobbying for that spot at MLB.
As you mentioned though it was the denfense by committee. More players invloved on dfense on a regular basis in different planned packages.
I can still see the Riders stick with their plan from seaons and have plenty of depth so I could see them making a play for McCune or if they already know they have their man in new import McKillop who was slowed in the NFL by a torn ACL. and a younger Kilgore

I also tend to suspect that this was a group decision. Williams darned near played in the GC, and was on the 46. Unless he had zero improvement in the off season, he still had what it takes to get the job done. I have to believe they are high on some talent that they have at a better rate, and told him that, and offered him a future beyond his final game....a choice...roll the dice on game time or take a respectable slot that keeps you in Regina, a city he desires to stay in.

That is pretty much what Williams and coach Chamblain had said in their interviews. Williams probably would have been able to play this season and he seemed to lean to a point that he may not be ready until mid season. At whichpoint that job could be filled and the current job he is taking will not be there.

The jobn he has is one that appears in other pro sports and is done to a degree with other team but Williams is the first to officially take a tiltle such as this. I have always thought it to be important for teams to have things like housing options etc. ready for new incoming players. It goes even deeper as Chamblain really got into depth of what it takes but essencially it things that both Imports and Canadians rookies or veterans that are new to a team have a person heading such a dept so the coachses or other players, or player themselves can just concentrate on the football angle on the field.
Whether is be a rookie from the US or a kid from eastern Canada coming to the west in Regina will not have top search for things that a system will be in place.
A veteran coming to a new team may be able to call a new teamate who is a friend to help them find housing etc but still then takes away from the other things whether it be the smallest simplest to something more in depth.
The Riders are now the or one of the Flagship organizations in the CFL so finding bset practices from other pro sports that work is the sign of this

Having a dedicated position like this will help bring new talent to the Riders and sets them apart from other teams.

I wonder if he will take over Dressler's role in finding off field jobs for the players as well?

Any one know?

From the interview with coach those are exactly the kinds of things Williams will be coordinating. Alot of what he will be doing will have to do with new players to the league or team. When a new players makes the team the housing of the players will already be set up an coordinted.
Those who will be sticking around in the off season same thing he will have that coordinated giving players options of where and what they can do.
What does this do for the team. Players who may make the team won't be looking for a place to live when week 1 is ready to begin.
Going into the stretch run and playoffs players will not have to be distracted by trying to find a job these things will be lined up.
Bringing in new players after NFL cuts and expanded rosters Williams will have it all worked out in advanced so when the player l;ands at the airport he can be thinking about just football.