Rey Williams released

Autin and the Cats have cut a huge dent out of their payroll. Williams never came back from the NFL the same...seems like so many guys head south and bulk up for the NFL, then come back and are not the same. Still a decent player, but had a lofty wage. I am sure he will land somewhere.

He was a two-time division all-star and a CFLPA all-star in 2012. He led the team in tackles both seasons he was with the team. Not sure I'd say he came back from the NFL worse than he was before. Unlike some Ti-Cat fans, I liked Williams, but he's 32 and the Cats just brought in two younger guys in Simoni Lawrence and Marcellus Bowman. I wouldn't be surprised if Williams isn't the only Ti-Cat linebacker let go. But he's a good player and should find a home somewhere else.

While I believe cash was a major factor, I do have to wonder if there may have been a personality issue with he an Austin. Rey Williams seems to have a great attitude overall, but back in 2007 Austin was his HC. I tend to think it was not a huge factor, because he seems like a stand up guy, but as mentioned, he had a pretty solid year on a D that struggled, then poof...gone.

Even though he did receive all star selection he is 32 and also many felt that he wold be better served as A WIl LB.
Regardless of all that he is still a good football player even at 32. The question now is who needs a starting MLB or if the case be a starting Will LB

For what it's worth, he seemed like a very nice guy as well, wife and me met him at a Ticat restaurant function and he was very cordial and good guy to talk with, wife loved him.

agreed. Williams may have been improperly utilized @ MIKE and perhaps more suited to the WILL position, especially given his natural propensity for ensnaring open field targets as opposed to breaking blocks and stuffing linear power runs.

The man possesses unquestionable talent, although needs to be placed in a position where these talents can be exploited.

all the best to him in the future.

Williams's strength is his pursuit, particularly if the play is flowing away from him. He would definitely be a better fit at Will, where backside pursuit is a key responsibility, along with forcing B-gap runs back inside.

Interesting. I was expecting them to nine game Bowman. The fact they could not even get a sixth rounder or a pick swap for him suggests he was making a lot of money in "CFL" terms.

Just no room for Willliams on the Hamilton roster with the thought that they have plans to move one of the Younger FAs they have brought in to MLB and Williams moving to WIL where Jamal Johson currently sits and plays at a High level not to Mention that they may have Frederick Plesius in the Near future.
Most likely making a fairly high salary by CFL terms made it impossible to trade but needed the salary cap space. Will most likely have to take a pay cut wherever he may land in the CFL. The Question again is who needs a starting Will LB. There has been so much movement I have lost track. The fact is that he is coming off a season where he was an east All star. Who needs and can afford his services is the question.
One thing is for sure the CFL has enough players currently in the league as of 2012 to fill the expanion Ottawa team with plenty of quality players.