Rey Williams Glad to be back in Green.

In a Riderville interview former Tiger-Cat Rey William's said he's glad to be back in Regina playing for the Riders and although he doesn't have any disrespect for his old team mates in Hamilton he does have for Kent Austin.

From the Interview.

For whatever reason, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats did not want Williams to be a part of their future after Kent Austin took over football operations. That decision came after a season in which the Hofstra grad was 3rd in the league with 95 tackles. He wasn’t impressed with Austin saying he had no respect for him and while he is not bitter with the organization, he does have plans in letting the former Rider quarterback and head coach know that he made a mistake. However, he does admit that he should perhaps deliver him a thank you card as he prepares for back-to-back games against his old club.

“I don’t like Kent, but I should probably give him a hug and thank him because he did me a favour.? Williams says with a laugh. “I don’t have a beef with the guys over there or the organization. Its Kent that I have the problem with and I will be barking at him this weekend if we get the chance. At the end of the day, Hamilton is just another opponent and we know we have to beat them if we want to be successful.

I sure hope the Tiger-Cats can play the same defensive game they did against Winnipeg and can pull out a win against the Riders.


whatever. He was a Pylon and Kent did not need anymore for practice so he let him go. He was lost out there and his play made him expendable. Players should just play and keep their mouths shut because you never know when you may need to cross that bridge again

Sounds like they won't be sending each other Christmas cards!!! :slight_smile:

Seems we have struggled to replace him this season. He seems to be doing just fine with the Riders.
I would have kept JJ and Knowlton in their natural positions until we had someone that could replace Williams in the middle.
Three consecutive games with the opposition scoring on runs of 70+ yards up the middle doesn't bode well for our strength at MLB. I love JJ, don't get me wrong, I'm just not sure he's cut out for MLB.
Just sayin'

Seems you cant just get cut and accept it like the business that it is. Grow up, Rey.

although i agree he had lost a step last year,he should have been cut before free agency began so he had the best opportunity to go to the highest bidder.the cats had no reason to hold onto him that long...hope he doesnt come back to bite us in the ass sunday!!!

I totally agree, AD. It was a personnel decision that the new Coach and GM felt he had to make. And Rey behaves like he's the only player this has happened to.Is he going to react the same way should the Riders make a similiar decision in the near future?

Its not being cut he has a problem with.

Rey Williams was a Joe Womack guy,
Austin had no ties to him whatsoever
When Rey Williams was cut he was the Captain and Middle linebacker of the worst defense in the league.
That is why he was released.
I don't have to tell you that there are not many returnees to that Defense including the DC

Yes, Kent Austin didn't follow proper protocol. Perhaps, he should have spoken with Rey directly. I get it. And to a degree, I agree with Rey. But, it's over. Be a professional. Move on.

This grudge makes Rey Williams seem kind of petty.

What is the proper protocol?

Upon being released, Rey mentioned that he was upset at the timing of the decision. However, I'm sure he didn't mind Saskatchewan's timing in the release of Joe Lobendahn, who was cut right after the acquisition of Williams.

As I recall, Grover, Rey was upset that he did not get the word directly from the head coach, but instead received the news from a personnel staffer.

I tried to find a source for this, but came up short.

So, I could be wrong.

What! That is it
He personally didn't get told by Austin that the defense he was on last season stunk!
Worst defense in the the league on a team that led the league in offense and special teams but totally sucked on defense!
Like I said before, he was a Womack hire, the Head Coach and GM and Asst. GM are all replaced.
Austin didn't owe him anything.
If Rey wasn't coming back would he have told Austin personally or would he have sent his agent in to do it?
Lets save a spot for him on the wall of fame. :roll:

I recall it that way too... that RW was unhappy that KA didn't let him know personally but had a personnel person do it.

I don't think that the Boss telling you directly is necessarily "proper protocol". In most companies I've worked for, if someone was getting fired, the personnel department did it. That's what they're for. The supervisor would probably have been involved too.

But I don't think the person getting the axe has the right to decide who wields it. Not anywhere I've heard of anyway.

If RW was unhappy about it at the time, that's perfectly understandable. If he's still unhappy about it, seems to me like he's carrying a chip on his shoulder that is just a waste of his time. If he's happier now in Sask, good for him.

Yet Wms. would describe his fight for his bonus and the release of Lobendahn as just "business" .

It's not "just a waste of time" at all. Over the next two games, Williams has the opportunity to get back personally and directly at his former employers who fired him. Not many fired employees have that opportunity. The "chip on his shoulder" provides Williams with the extra motivation and incentive to try to show up the Ti-Cats, and specifically, Kent Austin. Let's see if he's successful.

I understand the motivational aspect to his feelings, many players have used that attitude when they are cut or traded. However, to carry on as he has is kind of silly. How about when he replaced Otis Floyd here and this season when joe lobendahn was cut to make room for him in Saskatchewan. Williams' predecessors certainly did not display the kind of behaviour that he has. In fact, Otis came back to Hamilton to help out in cheering the team on.

Have to agree with AD on this one. Rey needs to grow up. He wasn't too upset with the timing of his signing and the subsequent release of Otis Floyd when the shoe was on the other foot. He wasn't only upset that Austin didn't tell him directly, he said he felt like we held on to him until all the other teams spent their FA money. He knocked Otis out of a job the same way so he needs to stop being a hypocrite and suck it up. As for Austin not telling him directly, Austin thought it might be easier coming from someone he had a personal relationship with. I'm surprised Rey is being such a baby about this. Do your talking on the field.

I get seymour's point too. It may well motivate him. But if it is as big a deal as he makes it appear to be, all this time later, then I think it is occupying too much head space for his own peace of mind. He has a job making a living doing what he likes. He got cut, it happens. Dwelling on the past is not often helpful.