Rey Williams a Steeler

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this is just a twitter, but that is the word. I guess we need to find a middle linebacker now too. cough Mo Lloyd cough stupid cough Tillman cough

Barrin Simpson maybe. Getting a little long in the tooth, but I beleive he still has it.
Or McCullough gets the nod. He did play well last year.


what now?

Hope like he l l for a very potent offense.

I guess the key in the CFL is to not sign players who are too good.

Anyone remember back to 2006? Who was new? Mo Lloyd, Anton McKenzie. New in 2007? Rey Williams. New in 2009? Jerrell Freeman, Kye Stewart. We will be fine...

What's wrong with Mike McCullough? Played well, non-import........Rey is out, oh well. Since the injury, I don't think he was happy anyway.

But, Taman has his work cut out for him!

Jerrell Freeman and Kye Stewart are the next big name linebackers in the CFL. You heard it here first.

As I said last year with McKenzie and Lloyd leaving, linebackers really are a dime a dozen, especially in the CFL. Sort of like running backs.

All players are replaceable.
The new CFL is all about great scouting.
With the CFL's hard cap, no NFL Europe and no arena ball for the NFL to pick from, a well connected CFL team can rebound from player/coach departures. Our last GM proved that.

It could be that Rey Williams could be back sooner rather than later... because he is brutal at stopping the run... his best game was the GC game, and many of the Riders had their best games last year in that game.