Rewatch Game

As I was at the game… I didn’t see it on tv which I enjoy Doin. Is there any way to rewatch it?

I always PVR record every game and watch it again after they play at home.

TSN2 will replay a game a day or two afterwards. I’ve looked at the schedule, and unless they consider it a Game of the Week (on Tuesday night) it will not be shown again (that I can see):

TSN has a streaming site, per the info below. You need to either log in with account info from a Canadian cable provider, or pay for a subscription to their “TSN Direct” service.

Link for Saturday’s game:

General link for the latest games:

It looks like the games are available for just one week after they air.

From another thread:

For future, click on the Video link on the menu bar, then on Games On Demand link on the black menu bar on the Video page.

Or just use this link. TSN - Games on Demand

finally getting a chance to watch again…

Miller: once again as MBT said, its a street fight between two bitter rivals

Burris: well like they say, if you back a dog into a corner you’re gonna have a fight on your hands. and that’s pretty much how toronto is right now, this is a street fight BETWEEN TWO BEST FRIENDS WHO DON’T LIKE EACHOTHER AND ITS ALL GOING TO GET SETTLED HERE TODAY.

what the everloving eff?? ?? ?? ??

… “Between 2 best friends who don’t like each other”. That is deep ! We’re talking Yogi Berra deep. Two of my favourite Yogisms are : (1) Yogi and his wife are discussing his burial place . She says that you’re from St. Louis but we live in Connecticut. Where do you want to be buried ? Yogi replies - " I don’t know, surprise me".(2) Yogi is asked about naked fans running on the field. He replies that he didn’t know if they were men or women because they had bags over their heads.

I don’t know if Henry Burris will ever become a university professor but Yogi Berra should have been one . I would have loved to sit in on his classes !

Pat Lynch ( the old guy who, when he comes to the fork in the road, will take it .)

Hank was referring to Masoli and MBT as being best friends, since they do a LOT of charity work together.

Anyone re-watching game on TSN .

Could you count the # of catches Mike Jones makes ?

I remember three…(Gord missed two) and another for ten yards …

I made a mistake once too (not two)…rolling eyes…

Technically the box score has Jones down for 2 catches for 19 yards (13 YAC), and 1 rush for 10 yards (pass behind the line of scrimmage maybe?)

A pass behind the line of scrimmage can still be a forward pass. The Jones’ catch was a lateral similar to the Jeremiah to Speedy dunk earlier in the game . Hence the 10 yard rushing stat, and a first down. It’s a very clever play design!

Pat Lynch (the old guy)