Rewards Cards

Hello all,

I received an email today that rewards cards will expire at the end of this year. This is illegal is it not?

In Ontario it is law that cash equivalent cards cannot expire. The organization will likely claim "Well this was a reward" however it is important to note the card itself says "Treat this card like cash" which would make it fall into the realm of a gift card with a cash equivalent.

Also a rewards card is one that you earn points that can be redeemed for something of cash value which just isn't the case. I don't want to see fans lose out, nor do I want to see fans forced into a use it or lose it period on something that has a cash value.

I encourage anyone who has a Rewards Card with a balance to reach out to the customer service team to complain about this.

Well my notice says "use your rewards card dollars".

What dollars?

Where can you check your "dollars"?

BTW...I did send an email to as instructed on their email.

edit: I did get a phone call and a promise of some clarification on the "all access" page.

As I understand it...the "dollars" (which you earn with your season's seat renewal), will carry forward and go on the "Rewards Card" for use next year. The Points will expire.

I look forward to seeing this "clarification". Hey, "a cash back" for purchasing "season's tickets" is another good thing. ;D

This is a reminder that all 2017 Tim Hortons Field concessions and merchandise rewards cards expire onFriday, December 29. If you do not have a rewards card, please disregard this note.

The card is valid at permanent concession stands atthis Friday’sregular season finale, and at the Tiger-Cats Shop at Tim Hortons Field throughout the remainder of November and December.

If you are in possession of a 2017 rewards card, be sure to use up your remaining dollars before your balance expires!

This is the email I received, there is no mention that any balance carrying over. I also received a card for referring family for season tickets and for a contest I won. I sent them an email earlier today quite perturbed at this message, though willing to discuss solutions that are mutually agreeable.

The balance should never ever expire on these cards, and I urge the Ticats to either clarify, or retract. I have a fair balance on my card(s) and was waiting for something I felt was worth my money, I don’t sit in a section where I can get to a concession easily to buy food (food is overpriced anyway) I cannot use it for alcohol, and the clothing is either not my size or not my style.

So what is the solution? Save the money until next season so that I can find what I want and buy it? I hope so, because last time I checked money doesn’t expire, nor should gift cards.

The law to which you are referring is only for gift cards, where the purchaser of said gift card actively puts money on to the card. "I want $10 on this gift card" and you hand over $10. That cannot expire.

Any other form of card, where money is not exchanged to be put on to the card as a cash equivalent, does not fall under that law.

IE: for every $10 you spend, you get $1 added to a rewards card does NOT meet the requirement to be covered by the law. It does however create a lot of ill will when a company or organization decides that it does have an expiry date.

Yes, I understand that and you are right it will create a lot of ill will. This is where things get cagey in this situation. I did not earn this via purchases it was given to me as a gift (i.e., a contest I won) and it was something gifted to me for referring family to purchase season tickets.

This wasn't something I accrued points for and exchanged them for a redeemable dollar amount. This card also says "Treat this card as cash" printed clearly on the back - so in that case this is a cash equivalent card. With dwindling ticket sales, a poor season and a few poor decisions the organisation should be trying to conserve the good will they have.

Sure Friday is fan appreciation night, but I could care less if I win - if you want to show your fans that you appreciate them, don't set an expiration date on their gift cards.

Please note my earlier post...

The "dollars" are carried forward to next year. It's the points that must be used this year.

I'm sure the Ticats will put something out about it. :wink:

Apples and oranges. Woody, the "dollars" you refer to are not the actual dollars that are being referred to in this thread.

Oh...really? I beg to differ...the dollars earned are the same ones I earned with my early paid 2018 seasons renewal. I was told they will carry forward through 2018. It's the points that will expire...they are not money...they can be used to buy chances at winning something.

Let's see what the Ticats do/say about it. I was told they were going to "clarify" it.

Fairly certain there's actually a backdoor to that gift card rule. I believe that a company can charge a bookkeeping fee that can be charged against the giftcard over time after a set period of time.

There's a chance this is no longer a thing/was never a thing... but I'm pretty sure this was at least at one point an end around on the "gift cards can't expire" law

Yes it's clear. The 2017 card that we received with a cash balance in 2016... for renewing this season does expire at the end of the year.

If you renew now and get another for next season... it expires at the end of 2018.

It's ticky tack and really is like a mail in rebate... They're hoping we don't use it.

It was always my understanding that the cards are only valid for the year they were issued, i.e. 2017 in 2017. I generally use it early in the season, and after that, only as a discount card. The little bit that we spend on concessions probably is not a great loss when the card expires.

According to

The will eliminate expiry dates on reward points programs based on time alone in Ontario.
This means you don’t have to worry if you were told you have points that are about to expire.
The legislation is retroactive, so any points (earned at any time) that expired on or after October 1, 2016 will go back into your account.

Before the new law comes into force
The new law was approved by the legislature on December 5, 2016 and will come into force in 2018after we talk with consumers and businesses about how best to implement the change.
After this assessment, the law will come into force and your points that expired on or after October 1, 2016 will be reinstated. In the meantime, be sure to keep statements that show your points balance.

One exception
The only time reward points can still expire because of their age is if there is also a second reason. For example, if your points agreement states that you must use your account (earn or redeem points) within two years and you do not, your points could expire because of the combination of time passing and inactivity.

Thanks for clarifying! This makes sense but I feel like it doesn't match up with the "Rewards" cards from the Tiger-Cats. These cards say "Reward Card" but they are pre-loaded with a cash-equivalent sum determined by the team and given to the customer.

This is not a reward card in so much is that any one customer can take it and earn points that can be redeemed for a cash-equivalent total. This is where I see the problem, as I see it this is illegal. Now I know my interpretation of the law is not binding but this is a bad call for the Cats. As a poster above said - it will create ill will, and I agreed and still do. I still want to use it, I can't spend it anywhere else except with the Tiger-Cats and when I received these cards they in no way state there is an expiry nor was I explicitly told from the staff this was a thing either.

I have no problem with points expiring overtime but I think it is important for us not to confuse this card for a Shopper Optimum style card where in purchases give you points. Maybe there are cases for this to be so but in my experience I did no such thing, I was handed cards with a defined amount on them.

I have yet to hear back from the customer service team, except to ask me to renew my season tickets but I want them to tend to my concern first before I talk about whether or not I will renew for 2018.

Did you give them the exact amount of money that was the defined amount on the card? Did you instruct them to put that money on a card for you? No?? Well then as I said above, it isn't against the law. It was a gift that they have determined you have a predetermined time to use. As (I believe it was Crash) someone said, it is no different than a mail in rebate with an expiry date.

Is it wise for them to do this? Maybe not. Probably not.
Is it illegal for them to do this? Not even remotely so.

I will repeat again. The law only covers money that you, yourself, have put on a card for later use.