Revolving door

IMO ~ Ticats are trading and moving around the wrong players.
Maybe they should trade DB #20 Dwight Anderson.
He's been beat long for a TD in every single game this season so why do they keep him?

I've been told on a previous post that the DB position (or corner)takes time to master, but nine games?


Less Brown in 1st Year in the CFL was beat like Goverment Mule. Now he is a CFL Legend

Now Andreson may never reach Less Status
But we have give him a Chance to do so.

yep one of our best guys out there on d we better trade him cuz hes a rookie and ont get any better. the guys guanna be a star do u see him play the game like hes got nothin to lose

Hey onknight ... you just made REFERENCE to my FAVOURITE Rock Band ...


P.S Anderson STINKS and the sooner he is REPLACED the BETTER.

P.P.S Can someone PLEASE help me with the link ?