Revival Of The Option Year In CFL Contracts

Interesting article from "The Province" with respect to revival of the "Option Year" in CFL contracts.

I think it makes a good sense in general to give players such an option. Restricting labour movement rarely pays dividends in the long term no matter what the industry. Many quality players may avoid the CFL all together if they are locked into longer term contracts without an option to tryout for the NFL. In my mind, the NFL will always be the ultimate dream for many, if not all American players. Crushing their dream legislatively or by stroke of the pen is not the answer. Lastly, I've never heard a player talk about the Canadian game in a negative manner once they've experienced it. Those who went on to success back home always talk glowingly & give credit to the CFL for giving them their opportunity.

I say let the game stand on its own merits. Not via restrictive contracts. Bring back the option year for CFL contracts.

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