Revisting the Cates/Lazeo deal

Wes Cates gets more pub, more yards and more face time but Canadian o-lineman Rob Lazeo quietly has turned the Saskatchewan-Calgary pre-season trade into a near saw-off.

A week after joining the 'Riders, Cates became the feature back and a fan favourite. He has 563 rushing yards and has been his usual multi-talented self. But Lazeo was forced into action at left guard earlier this season when Jay McNeil went down with a calf injury and now he's starting at centre while John Comiskey deals with a shoulder injury. That assignment could turn into an extended role.

Stamps left tackle Jeff Pilon is a big Cates fan, but he would like everyone to know what Lazeo has brought to the team:

“He’s awesome. He’s been around for 11 years. His intensity, his love for the game, what he brings to our offensive line. He can play every single position and he’s a damn good player. He gets off the ball, he doesn’t take crap from anybody and he brings the nastiness that you want on your offensive line.
“I can’t say enough about him. He’s been awesome for our team, our locker-room and the offensive line. Wes is tearing it up but where would we be without Laz right now? He came in and we didn’t lose a step.?

Asked if he was looking forward to facing his old club, Lazeo laughed and said, "I just can't wait to play against Uncle Fester (his nickname for Scott Schultz)."

Everyone in SK knew the deal was a saw-off. You have to give up quality to get quality. Only the media (and maybe some fans) outside of SK thought the Riders got a way better deal. I'm glad Cates has done what he has done because initially I thought Tillman had screwed up royally in moving Lazeo.

Lazeo is a good Olineman, he just was not getting the playing time here. He is getting that in Calgary, and is showing why this trade benefitted both teams.

Lazeo is solid. Nobody said he wasn't.

Yeah all us Rider fans new it was a pretty decent deal talent wise. Lazeo has a lot of talent, and it helps that hes Canadian.

This is always going to happen when you trade a player from a position that gets very little media attention or credit ( ie: offensive line ) for a player who plays in one of the skill positions ( ie: receiver, runningback ).

It's much easier to see if a runningback is playing well, not so much with a lineman, thus they don't get the credit they deserve.

Im happy for Lazeo that he's getting some playing time and doing well, I just hope he misses a key block in a crucial point Saturday :wink: