Revisiting the Rick Ray Trade

It was clear that EE got very little back in the RR trade in 2012.
Only punter Grant Shaw remains in Edmonton.

But Ray has missed 42% of all Argo games since he joined them. (TSN stat)
By trading Ray it freed up a lot of cap room. It also enabled EE to get Mike Reilly the following year.

Both teams have won a GC since.

Maybe it wasn't such a bad decision?

Is this stretching things?

I think getting a class act like Ray was great for TO and he won us a very special cup in the 100th at home. I've never heard a CFL stadium louder then that on that night at the dome. Glad to have called him our qb and I still think he can play. Willy isn't the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!

[i]Steal of the decade by the Argosnauts! Was it that Tilman who traded Ray? Must have been using his babysitter grope drugs. Them drugs make him do stupid things :roll: Not his fault...

It is the Toronto way. the Argos cannot develop quarterbacks. They trade for old QBs who can still win (Allen, Ray), or let go their QBs who then become stars with other teams (Collaros, Harris).

Argos suck! [/i]

The problem wasn't Ray's acquisition, it was not letting him go when time came. Milanovich's bromance with Ray was a huge mistake, well mistakes cause he did it twice. When he told Harris he was his guy and two games later turned the team over to Ray, Barker's chance of extending him became zero and nil.

I agree. My point though, not properly explained, was that while Toronto got by far the better of the trade initially, perhaps it worked out well for Edmonton as well.

Well at some point every player is replaced. I think most fans would have preferred that Ray stay on the job till they found a replacement. Edmonton missed the post season two ? three times ?

Thats true. However I don’t think that Reilly would have ever chosen Edmonton if Ray was in place there.
I also think Milanovich really upped Rays game. Ray, by his own admission, had gotten really sloppy in Edmonton.
I think it helped both organizations

......Mentioned last night in the stamps/argo game that Ray was interested in coaching......They didn't elaborate but it's the first time I've heard he wanted to go down that road??? Looks like he can still play but he took another shot in the ribs late and you could tell he was really hurting...Will his old bones hold up anymore and can they carry him for another season???


Just because good things happened some years after the decision doesn't mean you can say it must have been a good decision. It more likely means that Edmonton did a good job recovering from a bad decision, after changing out almost all of the personnel involved and starting over from scratch - which they could have done just as easily without the trade.

Ray was a great qb but injuries are taking their toll on him and he's not the same qb as before albeit yes, he can still play. As a true starter, not sure about that one with his injuries.

In defence of the Argos' decision to keep Ray over Collaros, I believe Collaros has missed as much time as Ray since he left for Hamilton.

And Harris has been benched at the end of the season, again.