Revised Rules, COVID Topics and Locks, OH MY!

Hi everyone,

I'm K-Max, the admin who's been around and is talking more. I'm currently the Lead Web Developer who also works on keeping the CFL websites going. Nice meeting all of you if I haven't met you yet!

Please note that while I am an employee of CFL, I am not a spokesperson for the league nor do I speak for CFL. I just help manage the forums.

With that out of the way, I'll get right to the topic at hand:

Rules have been updated for 2022 (effective immediately) and have been posted and pinned globally. They can be accessed on the front page of the forum. It will always show up as the first item in the latest column. Please read it before you make your next post.

French Translation of the rules is here.

Threads or topics that don't stay on topic with the category or stray away from the original thread's topic are more likely to end up getting locked or zapped.

It's because CFL Forum is a Football Forum and topics should be specifically relevant to football and sports.

With recent COVID-related threads coming up (and getting locked/zapped), I want to remind everyone that CFL Forums is not the place to share and discuss general information and issues surrounding COVID unless it's directly specifically relevant to Football, such as: News about CFL Athletes and Teams under COVID Protocols for example.

It is indeed tough out there these days and with social media becoming a very charged environment, we have to dilligent in keeping this forum a positive and engaging place to continue talking about Football and the love for it.

If you have any questions or comments post a reply or you can always send me a PM.



You can count on me K-Max. I'll be as relevant and upbeat as possible, unless I'm bored or distracted.... SQUIRREL!!! (it can happen at any time).


When the forum was created back in 2005, there was an off topic section where we could talk about things like covid.
I believe it needs to come back. People should be allowed to discuss things they want to discuss

It makes no sense that there is a entertainment section but not an off topic section!


Particularly during the off-season.


Honnestly, after seing how covid related topics were handled, I prefer to forbid them completly, unless it is within the limits of the rules.


With all due respect, nobody has to read them, There have been just under 1000 posts since I last opened the rule change thread....
I am not interested in it...why open it, then complain about it(Not saying you complain)

Because most of the previous COVID-19 related topics don't start as a rant. Those a handled pretty easily. The problem lies when it starts as something serious, then derails with rage and disinformation, polluting the original intent.


You're way ahead of me for that rule changes thread . I'm currently only at 512 unread posts .

French version of the rules is now available. / La version française des règles est maintenant disponible.

The issue with the "no politics/no covid" rule is that cfl teams have taken a clear stance on it, such as vaccine passports to enter, which seems to enter into the political realm. Seems kinda ridiculous that in the case of the Riders they enter into a passport halfway through the season then expect you as a season ticket holder not to talk about it.

If the CFL wishes to stay out of politics thats fine but then the league should stay out of politics. Just some feedback

I thought all those Covid rules/mandates/passports/hissyfits were ending. Won't everything be back to normal (the way it was in 2019) by summer? We might never have to talk about this stuff again. :partying_face:

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We can but hope Maax, we can but hope.


Curious why you would be necro bumping old threads on banned subjects no one has been discussing in a year?

At the time they would not have violated any new / revised rules (which were basically implemented BECAUSE of specific topics that triggered people) but by bumping them onto main page you are now exposing more people to the banned list?

If its a matter of housekeeping wouldn't erasing a dead topic make more sense?

I did not.

There were actually new posts in the past day or two made by others in that thread and I deleted all of those posts because of their content. Due to that, that thread got locked.

That's why it appeared bumped after the fact and, of course, I posted afterwards.

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Well, I do appreciate that the off-season joke threads, intended or unintended, remain allowed under these new rules that to me are for the better anyway for reasons as described.

For example, The Council of Geezers remains intact and even stronger as the pandemic wanes and despite current war.

It has been told that site polls are experiencing a resurgence in interest. Tell your friends about those and see if you can amaze them too!

It's been a very long two years for most of us. For me here in Philadelphia, it's felt like almost 5 years not two!

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