Revised Map of Canada

Alberta and Manitoba have conquered parts of Saskatchewan!

Lol Kirk

take the 49th parallel all the way to the atlantic ocean, and you have my canada, but, thats a different topic

Thats a huge hunk you would be giving up including 3 existing CFL teams

yeah, but think of all the headaches we also be getting rid of.

my only regret would be the loss of hamilton

Another 400 billion barrels of light crude discovered under southern Sask, Man & Alta. It’s only a matter of time now before that dip in the map becomes inconsequential anyway. lol

This has to be the dumbest idea I've ever come across.

If Saskatchewan gives up that amount of land every time they win the Grey Cup.....heck...they'll be down to nothing in oh.....50 years!

then you clearly havent hit double digits yet, either way.

That's cute Billy. I wonder if Rand McNally will take you up on this and change all their maps and globes.

No, an idea like this would devestate us financially. What would happent to southern Ontario, southern Quebec and the Martimes? It may be a sovereingty assiocation type of deal, but then Quebec might seperate from what is left of Ontario and the Western provinces. Why we would cut our link to our country's historical origins? The country is fine the way it is , so your idea has no merit in it whatsoever. Like I said, it is the stupidest idea I've ever come across, but then again coming from someone who will jump from bandwagon to bandwagon at will, it should not surprise me any in the least.

I sense that you might still be a little bit pissed at me. :lol:

...any idea what fish will be stocked in the new Great Left Handle Lake and Great Right Handle Lake?......

Such a small minded, non-patriotic attitude....

Lets get back on topic please

LOL I love it!!!

kool :thup:

Soup it beats the map last year when Saskatchewan was shaped like an out house.

With the new provincial borders....will Dog River still be in Saskatchewan?