Reviews of rules don't work period!

After watching an NHL official disallow a goal on marginal contact by reviewing it on an Iphone in the penalty box....I am over the top on this subject.

Just go back to letting the game stay on the field... The refs have lost all confidence not to mention how it slows the game and any momentum there is in the event.

I am not sure the interpretation of replays is much better than a live interpretation with so many factors such as rules interpretations, timing, speed of replay, camera angles, time of reviews, pressure etc....

Great, the refs blew 2 calls and the league admitted it and it didn't change a thing even in the era of replays.

Let the call on field stand. If the fans in the stadium don't like it...yell B.S. out loud for a couple of minutes and life goes on. I guess I am getting old but that is the way we used to do it!

The age of replay is more painful to watch than the real thing!!!!! And I woud argue no more accurate.

how about internet review where the fans can cast votes on the call. Lines open for 60 seconds

Might be more accurate...maybe some common sense used!
Or Coin Toss?

and then fans can bitch about each other when they don't like the result :lol:

and of course riders would win every call when they played :slight_smile:

The Rider's fans can throw horesh*t on their own lawns if they don't like the call.
(sorry this thread just got stupid!) Need the stress relief after today.

Thanks for the chuckle - needed that after a painful loss. :slight_smile: :cry:

Welcome to the Canadian Flag football League ..where the referees are the show.....