Reviews Need to Stop

Reviews on every turn over
Reviews on every scoring play
Reviews during the last 3 minutes of the half
Pass interference reviews

Just a few years ago we had a CFL game that was non-stop. We now have 2 time outs, per team, 2 coaches challenges per team (3 if the first two are correct), and a million and one plays being reviewed by "command centre" before play resumes.

I've watched over 20 years of CFL football and the pace of the game (both live, and on TV) has dragged more this year than any other. In a quest for perfect officiating we have given up the speed and fluidity that has forever been the cornerstone of Canadian Football.

We've added stoppages to the game that really ought to be removed - especially if the league wants to continue to brand itself as "fast and furious"

Sadly you are right, but it has become a necessary evil in the game of football it seems, there has to be someway to streamline it but it has taken away all flow from games it is frustrating for sure.

Maybe coaches should only get one challenge per game and only allow booth challenges in last minutes of the 4th quarter not both halves. No rewards for a successful challenge either, the reward is you proved the refs wrong, just lose a timeout so you are down to just one if you get your only challenge wrong. I don't know just made this up on the spot but they do need to do something to bring some pace back to the games.

I am never once bothered by this I don't get why other people are. I want the game to be called right and I don't care how long a game takes i'd rather the game not end anyways because I enjoy it so much

We need to get back to how things were in 2010.

I have been setting my TV and now PVR to record CFL games for years, and I have always set them for over 3 hours. Other than the odd game, most are around the 3 hour mark. I enjoy watching the NFL as well, and those games generally take longer than a CFL game.

I think Reviews are here to stay, but I would like to see the bang/bang play of Pass Interference review only be at full speed, as expecting a player to pause for a few tenths of a second is crazy. Breaking it down to super slow motion, frame by frame, is completely different than game speed. As well, late hits on QB's, and other players, should be reviewed on full speed as well, as players are sometimes in mid stride when the QB lets go of the ball, and they must contort themselves with super human speed to try to miss the player. As long as its not a head shot, or leading with the helmet, game speed decisions should be fine. A

Also, the reviews on head hits. If a player is tackling someone, in particular a QB, and puts his face in the players chest, but the top of his helmet hits or grazes the face mask, which sticks inches in front of the players head, I don't think that should be a foul. With no face mask, there may not even be contact to the head.

I don't know, just frustrated when I see these reviews that are called pass interference, when there is no way a player can adjust his game by 10ths of second, apart from waiting for the receiver to catch the ball, take a step and tackle them.

I would like to see a 90 second time limit on reviews , if they cannot decide in the allowable time frame then the ruling on the field stands.
on a coaches challenge only 1 per half no carryover and if unsuccessful a 10 YD delay of game penalty,
the coach will have to determine if the penalty if unsuccessful is worth the gain.

As much as I hate all the delays, at least 99% of time it gets called right, I do sometimes wonder how command center allows a call and then the next time exactly same call and they go against it, helmet hits on QB's for one as an example.
Call one disallow other, yet no difference in hit... blows my mind!! :?

I'm a Ti-Cats fan, but the moment a total failure on the part of the officials cost Saskatchewan not just a game, but also a playoff spot, replay had to come here

So many calls and non calls by a ref are judgement calls, they are just so close a ref would give benefit of doubt.
The problem with the reviews is THERE ARE JUST TOO DAMN MAY OF THEM!!!!!!!!!
The coaches are challenging almost every big play, Coaches now look at their monitors and hoping for a favorable ruling on something, anything.
Reviews now are taking so much flow out of the game, and adding so little benefit to the fan, Fans cannot celebrate a big play anymore on offence or defence, they are always expecting a challenge flag to be thrown and wait 2 minutes for a decision.

Jake Ireland's "Command Center" is not exactly hi tech

I had a post earler this week that a failed challenge should result in a 15 yard penalty(along with the current loss of a time out penalty)
A poster suggested that it should be a 10 yard delay of game penalty
I completely agree as this 10 yard penalty would not even involve a new rule, but an adaptation of a old rule.

What is driving me nuts this year is how the receivers run right at coverage, are the cause of contact and yet get an illegal contact call because they are coached to make contact 6+ yards downfield.

I agree with this as well. Also, if each team gets two challenges, why do they get a third just because they got a challenge right? If you got it right, there is the positive change. I don't think there has to be a limit on the number per half, but if you have two, you only get two, whether its at the beginning or end of game.

Because if you lose your first challenge even if you get it right, it's going to scare people off of challenging legitimately blown calls for fear of a worse legitimately blown call later in the game.

Honestly, with the "eye in the sky" in place, I don't think we need challenges at all. The command center is perfectly capable of doing it without the coaches involvement at this point. The coach can't throw a flag trying to stall the game if he no longer has a flag to throw.

Don't disagree with your overall opinion but the command centre has surely been upgraded...that photo has the officials wearing knickers (instead of the black cooperalls they wear now), which they stopped wearing in 2010 or 2011.

Absolutely crazy this gets called. The receivers are clearly coached to run at the DB until the DB puts his hands out so he doesn't get run over. There is contact, but every player on the field is allowed to defend the space they are standing on, at least they should be able to.

Yep, it's been heavily upgraded since then (I'm in the same office building). I'd say looking at the size of the TVs on the wall is the wrong way to gauge its sophistication anyways; it's the multiple PCs and tablets on hand that allow quick switching between multiple camera angles on footage that's arrived seconds ago that really make it all work.

Reviews were quick this week

Quality reviews of botched calls should be welcome. But due to the incoherent application of reviews they are loathed.
Also think coaches get far too many reviews - and often use reviews as time-out equivalents to slow the pace of game!
I think the old system of getting 1 review per half should return. Once a coach uses up his last challenge his flag should be returned to the head referee.
Once coaches realize they have to be thrifty about challenges I think the games will return to a certain stasis. Not perfect, just better.

They get 2. The amount of challenges has never increased. Only what is reviewable has.

It has always been 2 per game regardless of which half
I believe you are thinking of time-outs which used to be 1 per half

They need to make it so the coaches have to be absolutely sure about it. And penalty yards for a review that fails.

Just goes to show that some coaches don’t know how to use a challenge properly