Reviewing your posts

When you get this message, “At least one new post has been made to this topic. You may wish to review your post in light of this.” do you appreciate it or find it irritating?

Umm… I didn’t vote because all I get is the results screen. I find it irritating.

More importantly,
Do people review their posts to correct spelling mistakes?

Yes, I do. But, sometimes my eyes don't always see what they should, instead what I think I typed.

I’m an option # 3 guy 8)

I do read the posts that show up, but unless I get three or more pages of these, I usually just post what I originally wrote. Sometimes, I'll add to my post with comments about the two or three plays that have run in the meantime, although that often results in more "new posts" messages. But sometimes I get so frustrated trying to get my comment in that I just hit submit as quickly as I can and then go back and read the missed messages.

Not sure what the survey is about, but as to speling mestakes i dont make ne, i make lots of typos though. Get real. Spelling to me does not matter that much in this forum.


Dat hurts!

Poor Spellers of the World!



:thup: :lol: