Review of my first CFL game versus Eskimos

Just wanted to post my review of my first CFL game in Montreal. Checked into the hotel and they thought i came up to Canada to watch the jazz fest, haha i wouldn't watch that junk if you paid me. Told her I'am here to see the Alouettes game and she looked at me as if I was crazy and said," that's different." Like hockey is a religion in Canada, football is a religion in the states.

This was one of the best professional games i've ever saw. It was full of twists and turns. Thought the half time and pregame entertainment was great. I also thought it was funny that they hand out condoms at the beer stand. 98% of the fans there were awesome, and kind to me. Ran into a few jerks in section C1 that didn't like me because i'am an anglophone. The fans in section B1 were so nice to me, they were very approachable and treated me with so much respect. Bought a beer for one of the guys i was talking to and later in the game he brought me back one. I sat in section B1 which i thought were great seats. There is not one bad seat at Molson Stadium.

I hate to say it but after the Als gave up the point when the kick returner took a knee in the endzone i thought the Als were going to blow it. This is coming from a person that thought the kick return rule was dumb, but it adds excitement to the game. I'am hooked on Canadian football after watching this game. I thought i will just attend one game a year, well I'am planning on go back in a little over a month.

After the game i got to meet Robert Edwards. Seems to me alot of the fans don't know who he is. Told him that i admire him playing with such bad knees. See I'am in the same situation as him that i blewout my knees three times and guys like him inspire me to keep playing. If he wanted to he could just quit and still have plenty of money, so i believe he just playing to play football.

Well Montreal was so nice i decided to extend my stay to three nights instead of two. I guess a big part of that was i won $2,340 dollars at the casino. :smiley: I was impressed at how nice the Metro is, beats the Boston T. Again, everyone was courteous, and treated me with respect. I think a big part of traveling to Montreal is understanding a little french and i know some basics. All the people of Montreal want to see is a little respect for their language and culture.

I love the Canadain beer. I never been so smashed in my life.

The only negative about Montreal is all the beggers. They knew i'am from America and hound the crap out of ya. Couldn't believe how many people sleep on the streets right in the middle of the side walk. Working in law enforcement in the US i was surprised the Montreal police do nothing about it. Is loitering illegal in Canada??? Would like to see something done about the park near St Laurant, and St Catherines that place is an eyesore. You can smell urine from a mile away. Other than this park Montreal is a very clean city

Want to apologize for losing my temper on the bus from the Casino to the Metro, some Americans on the bus started being ignorant and there is no way I would allow it. I don't want you Canadians to think all Americans act like A**H****. I think many of the Francophones liked seeing me shut these guys up. Americans fail to recognize that they are just visitors and that they are up there representing America. This is the main reason why i didn't take offense to people that were anti American, i can't blame you. Overall thou the people of Montreal are some of the friendliest people i have met.

P.S. Could you please export your women down to the States? :smiley: I'am sure the president can work out a package for them.

Thank god for Montreal

You Quebecers have been good to me! :smiley:

hahaha Glad you like your trip Peter ! I was wondering if you were lost somewhere in between, with no news since game day :smiley: You got an exciting game for a first ! Dont worry about the jerks, that species is everywhere... Most of us frogs are decent peoples 8)

Darn man ! 2340$ at the Casino !!! That turn a weekend of spending into a all-inclusive weekend !

Yes there's a lot of beggars in Montreal. Each time i go there, it seem there's more and more.... I dont thinks loitering is legal, but what can the cops do versus so many ? Even if they move them, they keep coming back. This is a huge social problem.

Did you decide for wich game you may came back ? Personnaly i am waiting, maybe i'll go to the playoff game(knock wood) at the Olympic Stadium this fall. My wife giving birth in august and i want to stay close till then.

Man, Peter, you were sitting in section B1? So were we (MartyMix and I). You should have told us that before, you would have been the second huddle member I'd meet. Next time I guess.

I am really glad to know you enjoyed Canadian football this much. I believe that most Americans who say they don't like it never gave it a try. I personnally like all kind of football. I don't care if some leagues have rules that I like less. As long as there is football to watch, it's a good moment.

I now look up to you to open your friends' eyes to our beautiful game. You'll be the messenger!

As for the beer... that's a gimme. I've never met ONE single American who didn't like our beer. That's one thing Americans and Canadians will always agree on: stronger beers are better beers.

Now, about those beggers... You have no idea how tired of them we all are. The problem is not even poverty. It's lazyness. Because for every homeless begger out there, there is about four guys who don't need it, but beg because it's a nice source of tax-free revenues. Some cab drivers in here already pointed some guys to me, saying stuff like "You see that begger? When his "day of work" is over, he hails a cab to go back home... It's a 16$ ride and he speaks on his cellphone all the way home." Terrible. There a women who used to beg all the time near my place... She owns a three appartments building for crissake! So this is why there are sooo many beggers out here. If only poor people were begging, we wouldn't even point it out as a mass problem, and we'd probably give more often to each.

Finally, about exporting our women down south, I can clearly tell you it's a no go. If you guys don't want our beefs, we certainly won't export our chicks!

Cheer dude.

It never fails Peter, As soon as Americans watch a CFL game, they love the speed, the action, the 20 second play clock and the passing first offence. It helps though when you have 2 top teams battling, like you saw, and it comes down to the last play of the game to decide it. Same thing goes for hockey, after Americans have watched there first NHL game, they are usually hooked immediately. Glad to see you had a good time and who wouldn't, winning over $2300.00. Montreal is the party Capital of Canada and our Downtown woman are spectacular. I can't believe you didn't go to the Jazz fest though. 500 shows, 350 free outdoor shows, it's the biggest Jazz Fest in the world, tons of American tourists come for it, 2 million people go, and the woman, who are everywhere, are jaw dropping gorgeous for the most part.

and it’s not only Jzzz, you get Blues and many more music styles. it’s not pop, it’s not rock, but it’s worth listening to (at least once a year!)