Review of BC Place Version 2.0

Thought anyone coming to Vancouver coming for Grey Cup might enjoy reading this review of the new BC Place.

click here for review

It's a fairly accurate account of what to expect. I take issue though with 2 things he wrote:

"On one side, you have the central part of downtown, with Robson Street leading right down to the Terry Fox Monument at Gate A. On the other side, there are old boarded up hotels and bars in a sketchy area." Not sure what he's talking about here. Yes, the downtown eastside is urban blight at its worst, but Rogers Centre is much closer to it than BC Place. You'd have a good 10 minute walk from BC Place to hit it. To me, BCP is ideally located: within walking distance of two rapid transit hubs and at the foot of the chic Robson Street.

"A negative for me are the Felions “dance team? performances every quarter. They’re wearing practically nothing and can’t do their moves in unison. The drunk guys are thoroughly entertained, but it just makes me roll my eyes." This may be the first "complaint" I've read against the lovely Felions. I think they work really hard and perform well (in...ummm...tight skirts and high-heeled boots). It was a little unfair.

I agree with your version. There's nothing really bad adjacent to the stadium. Yeah there's some beggars but you'll find that anywhere around downtown. Also, the FeLions haven't looked better. I mean not only their actual looks but also their coordination.

I find the review of food/drinks to be... umm... generous.

I'm not surprised that the Felions would be a negative for Katie, or any other woman for that matter, whose personal favorite at the concession is garlic fries.

If the stadium has actual chairs you get to sit in as opposed to a small section of a cold metal bench with a number spray-painted on it, then it's A+ in my books.

I don't mind some metal benches, Lambeau has many and it seems to work for Packer fams as well as in Ann Arbor for the Wolverines.

It's the wooden splinters and magic markers for seat numbers here in Hamilton that light my bottom so to speak. :smiley:

Soon to be gone though. :thup:

You know, I didn't even realize it was a female reviewing BCP 'til you brought it up; I mistakenly thought it was a guy.

Makes sense then. :lol: