Reversal of Roles

Chick is young. He has time to develop.

Yes, it is quite normal for a team to focus on a weakness to make it stronger. Last year our weakness was our offence so one would expect that it would get more attention in the off-season. It's a balancing act and its easy for us arm-chair GM's to say what should have been done but we don't really walk the tightrope. They are doing more than okay this year - heck an hour ago, we just secured a home playoff game!! Things can't be that bad, eh?!

In my opinion I think Morgan and Bush were a bit overrated but if I had to choose who played better for the Riders, its Bush...

The Riders have a lot of young inexperienced players in the Defensive backfield, it showed especially when Davis went down, but yet they also show promise.
I think with Eddies leadership they could develop into a very cohesive unit.

Prime example is Johnson, here is a guy who's been burnt badly but game after game he responds with some really terrific plays.

At this point in time I think Johnson is > than Morgan ...Justin was steady like Morgan but now they are experimenting with Kornegay... I player I really like.

Agree on Chick, he seems to go all out like Perry on every play, he kind of reminds me of a taller Tom Canada. Without the hair lol

James Johnson is easily one of my favorite Riders.