Reversal of Roles

There is something I don't get. Remember just a couple years ago we always put the game in the hands of our defence to make the stop at the end of games to win. Now it seems some games we need to put up 40+ points to win. You have to wonder if losing Morgan and Bush really did hurt us that much. I didn't think it would hurt us that much but look at the passing yards we give up. Also, we don't seem to get pressure against the elite teams which doesn't help the DB's at all. As much as I don't want to say this but would bringing back Nate Davis help to at least draw a double team and help free up Perry. Also, I don't understand why we never went after Cheatwood. He would have been a huge compliment on the other side.

But the big question is why is our defence giving up the big plays? At the beginning of the season they were awesome but now they are falling apart. Is it Austin being such an offensive minded coach? Poor coverage? Lack of pressure up front? Missed tackles? Richie Hall? Any thoughts???

Its the difference in coaching and the loss of Omarr and Davin.

I think it all boils down to the SMS really, we don't have space to add those guys and for the most part that's why they were let go.

Defense always looks better at the beginning of season, as most O's are still getting their timing down.

DB is one position where experience really helps. We let a lot of experience walk away. My guess is that between the salary cap, and the thinking that this might be a rebuilding year, we would try some new DB's with good potential.

Turns out that we are having a great year, and letting that experience may come back to haunt us.


Well Dust, the SMS is not a good answer in this case. Tillman admitted they offered a deal to Morgan that was close to what he signed for in Edmonton.

While neither Morgan or Tillman will admit it, I think one of the reasons Morgan ultimately left was because of Danny Barrett…

Mike that may be right. If it is right Omar made a big mistake. Hiring Austin was smart. Staying would have been smart. Playing for Macocia was not smart.

Some people will not agree with me. I thought Tillman gave Barrett a fair chance. The BC game was it. Losing that bad. Looking so bad. After that it was time. I supported Barrett. But it was time after BC. That was not getting beat. That was getting embarassed. Morgan should have stayed.

Morgan and Bush havent exactly been lighting it up with their new teams either. Consider the revolving door in the defensive backfield the last 2 months or so, due to injuries. However the team has still won double the games we have lost so the fill-ins have played adequately.

Bush doesn't get the ball thrown his way thats why he doesn't have the stats. They focused on the offensive side of the ball this year as far as salary goes. Because of that they need to be putting up more points. Plus when you have a passing offense you give the ball to them more therefore you have more yards against you. Plus you see the breakdown in coverage with the new guys its not like there not in position there just not getting position. plus a lot of missed tackles

The dbs have played good enough to win in most games but if you look in those games we lacked front four pressure. The D backs cant cover forever. We could use an extra D lineman a Tom Canada type and rotate the line keeping the other guys fresh. Most of the passing yards were giving up is in the second half, and a big push from the line on tired olineman would really help out the pass coverage

This is the one that bugs me. Why on earth are they stupid enough to hit without trying to wrap up. I've seen several plays this year where guys simply ran into the other player hoping he would fall down. The biggest one was on the Calgary Nik Lewis TD where if the DB had grabbed him instead of running into him with his arms down, he would have saved a long TD. Plain stupid if you ask me.

I agree. Our D looked good while O's were still getting up to speed. We are in a tough spot, we sold our Defense and bought an amazing receiving core (Armstead, Flick, Murphy). Richie Hall lost defensive backs and linemen, he has been set up to fail.

The CFL's superfan,
Roger Connery

I agree. Our D looked good while O's were still getting up to speed. We are in a tough spot, we sold our Defense and bought an amazing receiving core (Armstead, Flick, Murphy). Richie Hall lost defensive backs and linemen, he has been set up to fail.
The CFL's superfan,
Roger Connery
Set up to fail?? A team that is 10-5 and the defense is in the top 4 of most defensive categories/stats? Oh well, dwell on the negatives. Just think on the experiences the younger DBs have learned in the games they have played, good and bad.

Set up to fail??

Yes, he was. Richie Hall got the short end of the stick. I like Austin, but he put Hall in a tight spot. Once Hall's defense took a couple of injuries, they fell apart. The Riders defense has NO depth.


I think getting too worried about it this year is unfair.. We all know that Richie will tighten screws and our secondary will have a full season behind them, next year.. Right now we are having our best season in 20 years!! Lets enjoy this s***

Set up to fail? Blame Austin? That is stupid post of the year. How about this? Eddie Davis got hurt. Terell Jurineak got hurt. 2 very good players out. Reggie Hunt not playing good this year. Those 3 are Austins fault?

This team may win 12. May win 13. Yeah let's blame Coach Austin.

I never said it was a bad decision...Austin just put the Offence first, I like the decision, Barret always put the defence first $$$

Richie Hall was definitely at a disadvantage going into this season. Losing Omar and Davin was huge. Eddie getting hurt was the nail in the coffin. And we totally have a lack of depth in the secondary.

In my opinion it all starts with the front line. The line is not getting a good push putting our young secondary in a tough spot. It seems we can only get pressure when blitzing 6-7 guys, and usually it's already to late as the blitz has been read. If we could get pressure with 4 or 5 like BC does consistently that would really help out the secondary.

Then again, The line is extremely dominant in stopping the run which means that teams will likely pass far more often against us in comparison to other teams.

"They can't run, so they gotta pass, it's as simple as that" Fred Perry

Love that Quote

Special Teams has also been awful this year on coverage. We give up so many big returns it really puts our Defence in a tough position.

I think the defence is improving every game. Going into the playoffs we should be fine.

keep your blinders on then. Lets hope we keep scoring 40 every game.


Saying the d is not good is one thing. That is some right. Next month we;ll see. Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Set up to fail? No. Injuries are bad luck. Not setting Hall up to fail.

Money spent of offense? Read Joseph took big paycut. Like 100,000. Read Murphy took big paycut. Lost Andrew Green. Big salary. Lost Kenton Keith. Big salary. Cut Childress. Big salary.

Thats true, there has been cuts on both sides. and It is probably a better idea to focus on the offense before the Defense. Tillman has been busy pickng up recievers and running backs, but what about picking up a high quality d-lineman? Perry is our only threat. Chick? Adams? Not so much.