Revenues & Expenses

Now that Edmonton, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan have revealed their revenues and expenses, the smallest market of the three has the most revenue and spent the most. My question-- why is there an 8 million gap between revenues with the Riders and the other two community owned teams? It may be a bit naive, but I believe its a good question.

There are a couple of reasons for that Sambo.

One Winnipeg didn't buy their home playoff game so they had not expenses related to the game. I believe the riders said it cost them almost $750K for the game once they finished, to make $1.4 (you can confirm the numbers). The second part of the equation is the merchandice. If done right the merchandice can make a big profit, but it can also be a costly endeavour. For example: for a person to go and purchase a riders hat, they pay any where from $10 to $20 depending on the style and quality. Well those hats cost 5 to 10 to make.

Additional costs for the riders this year was taking 200+ employees and spouses to the game.

Sold advertising maybe?

What were Edmonton's numbers? I've only seen Saskatchewan and Winnipeg.

I got this off the Eskimo website, they had an income of 13.859 million and expenses of 13.630 million.

Here is the link:

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Sask has about double the local sponsorship and merchandise revenue compared to Wpg and Edm. Sask increased spending by $7M over last season, but some of that will be converted into assets. Speaking of assets, the Esks have built up $30M in cash reserves, $9M in the Stabilization Fund, $5M in Operating Funds and $15M in the Reserve Fund, which was mostly acrued from the sale of the Trappers, I believe. So much for the media claims that all CFL teams lose money!