Revenue Sharing

I think so. I'm not too sure how it'd work in Toronto with no covered stadium, but maybe they could have most of their home games in the second half of the season.

The positive of this set up would be that a lot of CFL players would gain exposure down south or in Canada's big markets. Then, when the XFL season ends (and/or the league folds again), at least some of the XFL viewers might tune in to CFL games to watch the players they cheered for.

Not sure a ten game season and then an eighteen game season would be good for the players. Jim Mullin suggested splitting the season into two parts . First part a ten game collaboration plus championship and then a Canadian only 8 game season then normal Grey Cup.

It would definitely be tough, but I believe that's what the Rock was referring to when he talked about figuring out the "smart" schedule and how many on days he used to do in the wrestling circuit.

From a CFL perspective, I'd hope that players past a certain pay threshold--say ~$250,000--would not be eligible for the XFL. That would be a way to ensure the safety of our best assets. But that would also create its own problems if, say, a player at $225,000 were allowed to make $75,000 in the XFL.

yep it's definitely beyond our pay grade lol... With all due respect to the Rock, I'm not sure you can compare the football wear and tear vs the Pro wrestling wear and tear. We'll see what happens eventually though.

Wrestlers use to do 100 plus shows a year... I'd rather play football :slight_smile:

I'm not sure if he meant they were completely analogous, just that some of the same strategies for allowing R&R time during a lengthy, physically-demanding work "season" might be applicable.

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Also depends on the position. QB, Kickers and Receivers don't take the punishment Running Backs. Linebackers or Linesmen do either.


Yes but the RBs, receivers have a time of possession of around 30 minutes a game, maybe less, which means the D is on the field for less than 30 minutes and most of that time they are standing around because of ads, time outs, injury, time between plays.
I wonder if the linebackers, linemen are actually playing for 10 minutes in a 3 hour game, they do get a lot of rest over that 3 hours, they even give them a long half time rest.

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I'm pretty sure that the offense and defense are on the field for the exact same amount of time.

I think HfxTC's point is that RBs, linemen, and linebackers engange in physical contact each play. I think you could make an argument, though, that WRs and QBs are often more vulnerable when they get hit and often get hit while running fast (for WRs), which can lead to more injuries.

I think that receivers have the most dangerous position in professional sports, this side of a backcatcher at least. They are probably the most injured position on a football team and certainly routinely risk the most serious injuries. They have their fingers broken, ankles sprained or broken, Achilles torn, hamstrings pulled and knees injured as much or more as any other position. There is no hit as violent I am aware of as the defenceless receiver being hit at full speed, often when they are still stretched out going for the ball and often when they are looking somewhere else. Indeed they had to legislate against this because of the brutality, but it still happens, just less often. Darryl Stingley was paralyzed from such a hit, as have many other receivers at all levels of football. I would rather be bowled over and spiked at home plate by a base runner or checked from behind into the boards by a dirty Milan Lucic, than get blindsided by a DB or LB while running a crossing pattern at full speed.

And you are of course correct that the opposing offense and defence are on the field the same amount of time, although the offense and defence on the same team generally are not. If you have a terrible offense the defence will be on the field a lot more than that offense on the same team. Maybe this was what was meant by that comment?

I think any CFL owner who would run teams in both leagues may get a nice competitive advantage by having more players in their organizations and each team supplying the other where vulnerable.

Yeah, but when the linebackers are playing, they are going high speed.

And of course some bad QBs throw lately timed hospital balls that kill their receiver.


Yeah and even though it is not a "sport" per se - those performers take a beating night in night out - landing on chairs etc - a lot of them end up with serious substance abuse issues, long term health issues due to PEDs and injuries sustained while wrestling -


Linesman do have a tough job calling offsides and dropping the puck for face offs, but I don’t think their bodies are put through too much contact

Elks lost money last year despite having a successful rebrand.

Hopefully revenue sharing helps this year

Cry me a river. Talk about a missmanaged franchise.

-Fat cat board members
-Paying Milanovich for absolutely NOTHING
-Then firing their GM, their HC and their Coordinators with a year and a half left on their contract.

  • Hire Chris Jones. (We all know how that goes and how it ends).

They should have lost more !


The team played 3 less home games than in a usual season. If they play the usual amount of regular season games, they make money as they always do despite the fact they did everything they could to run the franchise into the ground.

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I don't know. The way they were playing, I'm not sure people would show up in big numbers. It would be interesting if someone had a projected revenues vs projected expenses sheet out there.

I give Edmonton credit for having the guts to clean house and get things straight despite a significant cost to do so. No doubt in my mind that they will receive strong support from the community for doing so. I could see Edmonton leading the league in attendance.

A good 2022 marketing campaign could be " No B.S. " (Brock Sunderland).

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