Revenue Sharing

I imagine that the new ownership in Montreal and BC might also sway the other teams to agree to revenue sharing, whereas the previous owners might not have inspired that confidence.

It'll be interesting to learn the details of just what CFL Ventures and the partnership with Genius is going to bring. Perhaps shared revenue will only be from gambling and broadcast dollars. I hope we get those details at the GM meetings.

True statement on the attendance but I guess that I was speaking from a TV side of things or selling the league in markets other than Canada - the CFL is a gate driven league and I wonder how long that dynamic can last? When does the CFL need to start looking for other revenue streams? I think that sports are due to transition in the way that other media has - ie Blockbuster dying - but I guess as long at the tickets are getting sold everything is good -

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So do the Ticat fans turn the trips to Argos games as an excursion? A reason to visit the Big City? Shop, hit the Argos game visit some friends and family in the area?

Agreed. Too many games lessons the impact of the rivalry.


not really,

we get in, and get out.

(sometimes we'll have pre-game beers in Liberty Village, but been a few years since that happened).

What do you mean "visit in the area" or excurion? BMO stadium is pretty close to Hamilton, Friday night or Saturdays it's a very short quick drive. It's not like visiting Ottawa or Montreal, it's almost a home game.
Usually the Ticat fans are louder and the Argo stadium people will turn up the "fake" crowd noise at times to try to make the 8k or so Argo fans sound louder.

There are a few other activities visiting Ticat fans sometimes engage in during their big-city excursions:


I spent time out west in northern Nevada - So if you were going to a football game in Reno or Boise you would hit the mall - get some Chinese food, go the the University of Nevada Reno game - hit the bars - make a time of the trip of it before heading home - same with going to Boise - but I guess the Distance to BMO from Hamilton doesn't necessitate making a trip of it - different dynamic

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yes, fans like to waive flags resulting in 6 game suspensions and VP dismissals.

while it doesn't occur often ... but when it does :slight_smile:


that will happen more often when we travel to Ottawa or Montreal. Make a weekend of it.

We will be doing just that in Montreal this August.

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More likely they garner less expenses. an $800.00 bus rental and a lunch "allowance" a few times a year is a lot cheaper than flights, Hotel an food for an overnight stay.

That too. I just meant that they attract more paying customers at the gate. But you're right that they spend less on travel. Win-win.

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The distance between Hamilton and BMO field is similar to Fernley and Reno.

I was thinking it was further than that - need to hit google maps next time before I venture forth -

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I am not trying to stir it up - leaving the rules, ratio, field size out of the equation - but I often wonder if MLSE didn't see an XFL merger with close travel partners in the eastern USA as a main goal - DC, NY, Philly, Chicago when they were trying to force a merger on the CFL - teams on the USA side of the border that are within the geographic footprint of the Original Six - shorter plane rides and long bus rides - as opposed to heading West - They have to have a travel department for the Raptors, the MLS club and Leafs - The NHL Eastern Conference has to have a hell of a lot lower travel bill than the teams in the Central or Pacific - just a thought I had and the mention of bus travel set it off - hope I didn't set off a fire storm -


I think MLS was eager to grow the brand more so than some of the other clubs. I am convinced we haven't heard the end of this XFL issue. Same in Montreal where a covered stadium makes playing year round possible.

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Yeah I agree with you in 2021 there was no XFL - it was all on paper - but from rumblings I have heard the XFL is planning on going next year - the closer that day gets I think the more leverage MLSE/Argos has - they are just biding there time waiting for the right time to restart talks - Covered stadium in Montreal changes a lot of things -

You might also see an owner operating two teams, one in each league, that isn't impossible.


This is what I thought the most likely outcome of any merger between the two leagues would be like. CFL players would be free to play in the spring for XFL teams, and Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver would operate their own XFL teams in addition to their CFL teams.

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Interesting twist - 3 XFL 4 down teams on Canadian soil winter football teams from February to April - everything wrapped up in spring - That seems plausible -