Revenue Sharing

Many are suggesting that teams share revenues in some ways. That, no doubt, means that the highest revenue producing teams carve out a piece for lesser teams to share. The Riders certainly will be subject to this as they are the highest grossing team in the CFL.

Are Rider fans in favor of this?

"Revenue" doesn't mean a lot, you have to subtract expenses from revenue.
Your revenue from your job may be $60,000 a year but by the time you deduct your mortgage, groceries, utilities, car payments, taxes you might be breaking even.
If you are talking about sharing what's left after teams expenses including players/coaches salaries, front office salaries etc then all 9 team will be sharing Zero dollars.
But sharing revenue makes no sense at all

Kent Paul, Roughriders chief financial officer:
"We’d expect to see revenues decrease by 30 million and expenses decrease by 20 million, so the net impact would be a 10 million dollar loss,”
The team will almost certainly use up its entire $7.6 million stabilization fund, leaving the club needing help to see a return to the field in 2021.

Why would you share with rich teams with owners who have billions of dollars, they can fork out a little more on trying to get more people in their own ballparks. It’s called promoting your product. These are rich owners who know how to do this, they didn’t get rich sitting on the sidelines.

Exactly, share the Riders revenue with MLSE in Toronto?

The fundamental argument for any sort of revenue sharing in any league is that the home team would have no revenue (e.g., tickets, concession, radio, parking; add local/regional TV for other sports) if the other team wasn't there to play them ... what sources to include and at what percentage are the endless variables for leagues to debate.

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