Revenue Sharing

Looks like the CFL may explore sharing revenue.

While I think it is a great idea (the only way for Toronto and Hamilton to survive long term) I think the league should just sell the naming rights to the Grey Cup and use those dollars to support the teams losing money.

Sell the rights for $10M. $4 M to Toronto. $2 for Hamilton. $4 M shared amoung the other 6 money making teams.

A win, win for everyone.

Bad idea, sounds like welfare for the rich. If Toronto can't support a team then its time to move the team to a market that will support it. London for example.
Hamilton lost money this yr? Who says. I would be very surprised if they lost money in 09. With the play-off game they averaged around 23,000 fans a game. Or only 2,000 less fans a game than Winnipeg.
I used to work for a company that had such a plan, all you are doing is rewarding the other teams with poor managment.

The only team that usually makes money in the CFL would be the Riders. The CFL loses money, and will continue to lose moeny until they build a larger fan base, and start selling naming rights to as much as humanly possible.

Of course one team in the NHL, the Coyotes, lost more last year than all CFL teams combined and did it in a state of the art arena.
But I agree naming rights whatever to bring in more cash.

Revenue sharing will actually turn into loss sharing. Sask's revenue last year was $30 million and their profit was $1.2 mil
My guess is that revenue sharing will continue for the next couple of years, then either the Argos or Ticats will re-locate to Ottawa.
A re-location to Ottawa will allow the new owners to avoid the franchise fee and maintain the league with eight teams.

Want a good way to help the teams????


Not to make a jab at the threadstarter here or anything .. i want the CFL to prosper and do well and not lose teams but one thing makes me laugh ..

Some people on here say the NFL is all commercialized and a side show and whatnot .. and then you get ideas like selling naming rights for the CFL....

Last week at the Jags game i did not see one jersey with a sponsor sewed onto the front of them.. or on the helmets and wherever else they could fit one. It is all Team colors with pride (maybe a logo but thats the company that makes the jerseys and helmets).. then you look up in the stands and maybe not a sellout but full of people. Was a great game and enjoyed watching them beat the Bills (too bad about yesterday tho).

I think if you start selling too many rights for companies to slap their name on more of the CFL's stuff the league will become what people are accusing what the NFL is. Especially the Grey Cup NEVER EVER EVER do you want to tarnish the championship trophy with a commercial. Then you'll have someone try to buy the name of said trophy and before you know it teams will be playing in the Rona Bowl for for the Tim Hortons Cup Brought to you by Wal-Mart with the championsip presented by Home-Depot ....

Nah doesn't sound appealing to me .... If the fans goto the games and fill up the seats then there will be no worries .. if the fans do not go and you lose money well then you face the fact the team will fold -or move.

The CFL and the media need to get off their behinds and start promoting this league ... all across the country and not just in the cities with a team ..Need to make it popular just because its there doesn't mean people will go.
And dont tell me oh i go to all the games .. if your here you are a fan .. if your not going to the games you are probably not on this site those are the ones that need to become fans and help support the teams.

Not true. Mark Cohon said recently that 6 teams either broke even or made a small profit in 2008. The only 3 teams that we know about are the 3 community owned teams. You can find their Financial Statements using Google.

The Riders make money, but that is a pretty recent phenomenon.
The Esks make money every year and have $16 million in the bank.
The Bombers are pretty much breakeven, but only for the last few years.

So we have to guess about the other teams.

I suspect the Lions are a breakeven team.
The Stamps probably make more than any other team besides the Riders.
The Als are probably breakeven, and will make small profits with an expanded Molson.
The Cats probably lose around a million a year, but Bob Young is in for the long haul.
The Argos probably lose less than the Cats, but don't have a CFL loving owner with deep pockets.

The NFL has revenue sharing and it seems to work. The CFL used to have it because the Argos and Cats helped the weaker franchises like the Riders and Lions. My ,how times have changed! :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Revenue sharing actually works 2 ways struggling at the gate. It encourages visiting teams to care about how many people show up thus making the press conferences way more interesting. What the league needs is another Leo Cahill.

BTW why not just charge each team $10 a ticket and distribute the fund in 8 equal shares. That way there wouldn't be a good way to fudge the numbers and cheat the league out of the revenues everyone agreed to share

I believe that Sask, Calgary, Edmonton and Montreal make more money then they let on. Public or not, there is always ways to hide money.

BC made money last year - as per the owner.

Winnipeg has been making money for years - paid off their debt.

I bet Hamlton lost about $1.5M last year.

The Toronto owners said they lost between $14 and $20M over the last 5 years.

Sell the rights to the Grey Cup and help the Argos and TiCats!!!

The CFL should adopt a National Lottery, Canada Wide, The Sask Rough Riders have been doing lotteries for years to raise monies why not adapt an opportunity to win some money by playing a year round lottery played once a week that will see the majority of revenues going to CFL teams in a split eight ways to each team. This would supply an additional stream of revenue to each team that could be used in support of the organizations in each City.

$5.00 per ticket gets you a chance at a Million Bucks with secondary prizes and so on, maybe a Dodge Caravan, they could use present CFL sponsors to supply prizes, similar to other lotteries that endorse Olympic Athletes or other organizations raising additional funds.

Frankly, I would rather see my money going to support the CFL than other areas. Currently all OLG money in Ontario goes to the Trillium Fund which in turns supports communities across Ontario in Health Care, Education, Amateur Sports and so on, anyone who plays the lottery in Ontario in turn supports other areas. Well how about a CFL Lottery, A chance to Win for all fans of the CFL!!!!

I don't know about all these teams supposedly losing money. The break even point is suppose to be $12,000,000.
Gate receipts for even the weaker teams should in be the $9-10,000,000 range. TV is just under $2,000,000 and then your Corporate sales and Merchandise on top of that. The Community owned teams Sask, Edmonton and Winnipeg have to declare their income and all were in the black.

That's what happens when you have teams that down own their own buildings and have to pay a lot of money in rent expenses.

Revenue sharing makes sense if you feel you can grow the pot. I think it is a no brainer. For example why let the Als negotiate RDS tv contract and the CFL negotiated the TSN contract. By having control of both they have much more leverage. Same with products, advertising, naming rights and Jersey and other enorsed items. In fact the best thing would be for the league to be one company and all 8 owners to be share holders.

Cats averaged 23,000 fans a game less the pre-season. 10 games including the play off game would equal 230,000 fans or about the same as winnipeg's season total.
Average ticket price $40-$50.00 x 230,000 fans = A LOW OF 9.2 MILLION TO A HIGH OF 11,500,000.00 bucks at the gate. Plus tv revenue. This is not taking into account any profit from beer sales, concession stands etc.
The cats must be getting real close to making a couple of bucks.
Doc 8)

The Argos are rent free in the dome but don't make much in the way of concessions and parking.

The Ti-Cats pay peanuts to play at Ivor Wynne. I forget what the actual figure was but $500-$2000 per game night rings a bell..

You really can not compare the business models of CFL and NFL. NFL lives through television revenue. They have 4 networks plus one of their own paying top dollars for broadcasting rights. The United States have about ten times the population of Canada and proportionally higher ratio of football fans. Not to mention international exposure, including in Canada. Therefore, revenue from TV rights is enough to support the league and its teams. That and gate revenue from their gigantic stadia make them in no need for on-field advertising, including on uniform.

It could be worse. CFL players could dress like European hockey players where it's hard to find space to put a sweater number for all the advertising they have sewn on. They even advertise on the pants. Or how about NASCAR drivers?

An Argo-Cat fan



They do this allready look at Patches on Ben Caloon above