Are the riders going to win on Saturday or not. Will Eddie Davis' injury be a huge impact on the outcome of this game? I think/Hope to God that the riders win. The on;y thing giving me hope after last week is that we're at home.

Riders: :thup: 24
Esks: :thdn: 17

Is this a serious question? Riders by 14.

The thing giving me hope is that I haven't been to a home game in several years where the Riders have lost, and I'll be at this one.....

My stupid new job has me scheduled to get Fridays and Sundays off. Wich means this saturday I will miss my first regular season home game this year and the second consecutive RIder game.

All I wanna know is . . .

What kind of establishment schedules ANYBODY TO WORK ON RIDER GAMES?

If I had a company we would shut down on Gameday. It is bullshit. To think that I have to follow the schedule of people that don't even care about football. It is the sureset sign that we are living in a sick disgusting society with no priorities.

Oh yeah:

Riders 26
Edmonton 15

It's okay, Thryllin.....I'll watch the game for you instead....want me to have a beer for you, too?

I think that the Riders will learn from their mistakes last week.

Riders - 28
Eskis - 10

I thought everything WAS closed during a Rider game? Isn't that how you fill the Stadium? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I don't know, Thryllin?
You don't look too well.
Was that a sneeze...and a cough...and a runny nose....
I'd get that looked at....

I thought everything WAS closed during a Rider game? Isn't that how you fill the Stadium? :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hi Sportsmen. I Think you should be more focused on why a metropolitan area of 2,000,000 plus can't fill B.C. Place with a very good football team. Not to say B.C. does not have good fans. Regina with a population of 190,000, plus dedicated fans who travel from all parts of the province to attend games, does just fine. Oh...and we are even able to keep businesses open at the same time!!! lol.

Atleast I was closest. What a blowout!

This team is good and going to get better. Thank you Kent Austin. Thank you Eric Tillman. Thank you players. This team plays hard and is fun to watch. The defense is rocking and the offense is much better. Joseph has has a couple of bad quarters but Austin has him playing much better than last year. And Cates was a steal in that trade.

I'm not counting my chickens yet.

Nice to see the boys put in a 60 minute effort. We will need it next week versus the Lions in order to come out on top.

Just think…we could be responsible for taking out the ENTIRE BC QB contingent if Jackson gets hurt next week. Wally BOO BOO may need to shake the bushes to find another QB…and fast!