revenge versus BC

What does Edmonton have to do to beat BC?

I think that this team has the skills to do the job, the players simply need to execute and the coaches need to do their job. If Ricky Ray gets off to a slow start, let him watch for a series or two. Kavis Reid needs to remember that he has a challenge flag in his pocket and be prepared to use it.

The Eskimos must get some good old Chad Owens (so to speak) heroics in dramatic fashion - shutdown Lulay - and of course the punting of Duval, no return game for B.C.; a fumble would be a plus too.

Establish the run game, neutralize Elenimium, get the crowd out of the game quick.

...history will show that scoring more points is the sole requirement

Hopefully Calgary will do just that next week in Vancouver; thus expose insight (for more points) on the sole requirement.

I think it's time to give ( and i just took a deep breath) Kerry Joseph a start. Ray showed no urgency in his game his passes look weak and he couldn't get the Offense going, Joseph came in and march the ball right down the field. then they went back to Ray and it was the same thing, 2 and out. I like Ray but I have a feeling their are some issues with his game right now.

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Now that the league has addressed the Ref issue on the blown call, they can get on with the Hunt issue and I now wonder that this would not have been brought up at all if the Messam game ejection and such had not taken place? Next game at the end of the month will be interesting to say the least as these two teams will meet again in the playoffs; The Eskies "MUST" out coach the Lions and us Eskimo posters know the areas of concern. B.C. Lions are no saints either as far as the battle in the trenches goes.

And do you know why lost articles always show up in the very last place you look for them?
Because when you find them, you stop looking! :roll:

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